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Permanent Activate Windows 10 via Phone

This guide demonstrates how you activate Windows 8/10 via phone, the activation is permanent and can be backed up and restored so you only have to do this once as long you not change the Windows Versions or your hardware.


Activate Windows via Phone

1. Right-click the start menu and choose “command prompt (admin)”


2. Type this script and hit Enter

slmgr.vbs -ipk Product Key

Example of Product Key: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-M98WY

3. Within the “command prompt (admin)” —- type:

slui 4
  1. Enter >> Select any country from the drop-down menu and click on Next.
    You will get Installation ID in this step


  1. You will see some toll-free phone numbers which you can call. UK Free Call Skype Dial Number [+448000188354] l USA Free Call Skype Dial Number [+18007548300] l Worldwide telephone numbers l


  • Make sure have a microphone plugged into your PC in order for the dial pad to work! *# If you don’t have microphone plug-in any JACK into your motherboard headphone port & use your soundbox to hear voice or Download & Install Skype for Mobile.#

Full Skype conversation & respond the right answer to order to get successfully verification

Verification Numbers

For security purposes please enter the following number using your touch-tone pad.
== Dial the numbers using touch-tone pad robot speaker has given to you.===

Please press 1 as a home user, and 2 if you are a business customer with a volume license agreement.
=== DIAL 1 using touch-tone pad ===
If you try to activate windows 10 Press 1, otherwise press 2.
=== DIAL 2 using touch-tone pad ===
(If you press 1 you get unnecessary info/question)
To proceed you need ……installation ID that several blocks with six or seven digits, and it displayed in the activation window on your screen. Press 1 if you have the installation ID available, if not, press 2.
=== DIAL 1 using touch-tone pad ===
To activate Microsoft products windows or office windows press 1, to activate Office for Mac Apple PC, press 2
=== DIAL 2 using touch-tone pad ===

(You are surprised selecting Macintosh Apple PC but if you DIAL 1 you get unnecessary info/question)


Finally Press #
Then start typing Installation IDs
At the end, you will get Confirmation ID just type the ID in the activation wizard confirmation ID section.


Check your Windows Permanent Activation
cmd (admin) :

slmgr.vbs -XPR


Get your MAK Confirmation ID

  • Call the service number, like e.g. 0800 018 8354.
  •    * Press 2 – Your call will not be recorded or monitored.
    * Enter the Code XXX – Enter the 3 digit security code.
    * Press 2 – Activate Office (MAK) / Windows (MAK).
    * Press 1 – Activation wizard must be is open and running.
    * Enter your 63 digit Installation-ID code
  • After these steps, it will tell you that your Installation ID cannot be validated and you will be transferred to a Microsoft Support Agent, which is normal at this point.
  • Once you are transferred to the Microsoft Support Agent they will ask you something like ‘What are you trying to activate, sir?
  • Tell them which product you’re trying to activate.
  •    * If you are activating Office 2016 then say you are activating ‘Office 2016’
    * If you are activating Windows 10 then say you are activating ‘Windows 10’
  • They will go ahead and generate a unique Confirmation ID for you with the Installation ID you have provided on your Phone’s or Skype’s keypad. This process may take less than a minute.
  • Once they have generated a Confirmation ID for you, they will ask you something like ‘Are you ready to enter the Confirmation ID, sir?
  •    * Get ready to open your Activation Wizard and say ‘Yes
    * Now they will tell you your 48 digit Confirmation ID
    * Go ahead and enter this in the Activation Wizard and then press enter
  • Now your product is activated.

Final Words

The activation process is easy and really fast done. This is by far the ‘best’ method because it works really on all systems and as a result, you get a permanent activated Windows Versions.


I’ll add the missing pictures, not found any backup – sr!