How To Start your own Git Server in less than 30 Minutes

It's official GitHub sold us out, so what are the alternatives? You could switch to GitLab or BitBucket and wait till Microsoft or others buying them and get in an infinite loop, or you create your own Server! A small group of members started already an own Repo, sadly it was already too late because... Continue Reading →

How To use TOTP with your PayPal account

There is already a fantastic guide on Medium which shows you how you use Paypal together with Time-based One-time (short: TOTP), sadly it's outdated so I decided to write an updated and tested guide on my own. What is TOTP and why you should use it?! A time-based one-time password (TOTP) is a temporary passcode, generated... Continue Reading →

How To use XMPP + I2P to build your own decentralized messenger

Building decentralized messenger run by users instead of corporations is definitely not new but thanks to XMPP and I2P (Invisible Internet Protocol) it's easier than ever before. XMPP needs to have a server running with a registered domain name which is compared to P2P, not the best solution you can get but we can run our server... Continue Reading →

How To secure your OpenVPN configuration

There many traps when it comes to the OpenVPN configuration which your VPN provider has to offer, in this short tutorial I will show you what you need to know and which points are really important to look at. How to edit an OpenVPN configuration file? If the VPN provider offers a .openvpn configuration file then... Continue Reading →

Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake or Kaby-Lake motherboards – Yes it works, but…

Intel officially says that you can't run Coffee-Lake CPUs on Kaby-Lake systems because the voltages are increased, which is not incorrect but you still can manage with - some risks - to get the new CPU running on the older 100/200 chipsets.     Guide available The user elisw from the win-raid forum was so kind... Continue Reading →

How To find and stop apps from draining your Android Phone’s Battery

A longer battery life is key to ensure your mobile phone actually stays online and mobile. There’s nothing worse than downloading a few new apps only to find that your battery life has begun to take a serious drop. In this guide, I show you how you simply can identify the battery drainers. Finding Battery... Continue Reading →

Firefox Container Guide

Mozilla advertise their container feature/addon wrongly as a cure against Facebook tracking, in my guide I will explain you in detail why this is wrong and what the Container feature really have to do with 'increasing your online privacy'. What are Containers and how can they protect you? First of all, Containers itself won't protect... Continue Reading →

HowTo limit Hard Drive Space in Windows for a specific User

You may share your PC/Laptop with your family and want to ensure that this person doesn't waste all the hard drive space, the solution here is simple you can work with Windows own Disk Quota feature, the benefit is that you won't need any third-party tool. There are a few things you need to keep in... Continue Reading →

How to Record Windows 10 Screen Using VLC Media Player

Windows own Steps Recoder is usually enough in case you want to record you screen, but you might want to change the quality option in order to decrease the file-size or you just want to ensure that it is playable in all media players - VLC fills the gap and allows you to quickly record... Continue Reading →

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