The Blog Changelog page is designed to quickly give you an overview of what changes I’ve done since the initial release back in late 2017. I think transparency is an important factor these days and I want to give everyone the opportunity to see what is going on behind the scenes.



  • Closed and moved to


  • Changed the Header image back to the old one (8kb less to load, yupp size does matter!)
  • Headings changed to ‘PT Sans’ (Bolt and medium size)
  • Base Font changed to ‘Karla’ (Medium size)
  • Background image changed to #8eb3bc
  • Improved loading times
  • Removed effort to mine crypto-currencies (shame on you!)
  • Links are displayed in red now
  • Removed the ability to show Avatars when someone posts a comment to reduce bandwidth
  • Minor changes – preparation to roll out the new design after the summer


  • Privacy Policy updated
  • Improved loading speed
  • Removed backend logging from WordPress


  • Additional DOS protection enabled
  • Search doesn’t hide older article anymore
  • Added ‘Software Review’ section in About page


  • New eMail added, CKsTechnologyBlog [at]
  • Due to security reasons, the public key for my email is now attached as Mega download link in order to prevent some bots to index my pub-key (less Spam)
  • New Facebook page added
  • New LinkedIn page added
  • New Twitter Account added
  • New Discord channel created
  • New G+ Account created
  • Added Changelog page (this page)
  • Warning about possible fake accounts added in the social media page
  • Changed the social media sharing buttons
  • New Theme test’s started (new theme is planned)
  • Search related bugfixes (old articles ‘disappeared’)


  • Re-think about a new and better (?) domain name
  • Small loading speed improvements for mobile users


  • Changed the text and header fonts in order to fix mobile loading problems
  • Improved the ads-code, people with ad-blockers can’t load the page as fast as enabling the ads (the injection is undetected by any known ad-blockers as for now)


  • Another theme change
  • New text fonts for header and text added


  • RSS-Feeds added and corrected since they broke the mobile theme


  • Theme related changes
  • Footer corrected
  • Footer Archive added
  • Footer Tags added to quickly find more content easier based on the tabs/catagories
  • Fight for NET NEUTRALITY link which I’m involved in added as credit in footer


  • Patreon page added
  • Support page improved
  • About page improved


  • New Blog theme
  • Search engine related changes made
  • Mobile Browser support added
  • Removed social media icons tracking code
  • Additional WordPress tracking disabled
  • Support page added
  • Header image replaced
  • HTTPS related changes


  • Initial Website launched on
  • First Article written which explains my goals and hopes
  • Some loading improvements
  • Removed social media icons tracking code
  • Added social media links
  • Ads are enable in order to help me to survive
  • About page added


  1. Remove all ads even for free users (maybe it’s considered)
  2. Install several SEO related plugins to improve the global page rank
  3. New Theme for Desktop/Mobile (work on it has already began)
  4. Add better graphics in all social media related accounts and add more details, description,…
  5. New Blog graphics, emotes and an improved comment section
  6. Finish the old GitHub projects from 2017 (high-prio)
  7. Get some partner sites, to get more references to this page here and more viewers and more interaction since the comment section is (sadly) pretty empty
  8. Get some more supporters in order to survive (high-prio)
  9. Try to keep an eye and focus on some more hardware based tutorials
  10. Integrate new share/like buttons to reduce some connections which are done by WordPress (low-prio)
  11. Make the screenshots clickable/zoomable.
  12. Better Archive and search results and integrate some filters + regular expression option (high-prio)
  13. Automate the ‘unlocking’ process in case someone donated something, so that he/she can immediately enjoy the benefits. Currently it is done manually and takes some time.
  14. 5 quality articles maximum per day and maybe 1-2 short news .. yeah that’s it … sounds not much but it is! (high-prio)
  15. Everything people reporting …. (mid-prio)
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