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CK’s Technology News is primarily funded by advertisement and reliant on search engine traffic. This short overview lists how you can help me achieve my goal so that CK’s Technology Blog won’t vanish some day from the face of the Internet. The following support options are currently available.

Support platforms

Become my Patreon

My Patreon Account

Patreon is a relatively new service that allows you to support me directly on a regular basis. It starts at $1 per month and helps me tremendously as it ensures that we are only answering to you when it comes to how the site is run and what we publish on it.

As a benefit, you get access to an activity feed that I use to communicate directly with you – and you with me.

One-time Donations

My PayPal Account


Patreon is certainly not for everyone. If you prefer to make a direct one-time donation instead, you can do so as well.

Donators and Patreons get access to an separated account here on CK’s Blog that they can use for life. This account turns the whole site into an ad-free paradise for them and will also impact the Blog spam-filter in a positive way when writing comments.


Some users requested an option to support me via Bitcoin (I use Monero). Please make your donations to the following address:

Please contact me after you did your donation, since Monero has no notification system to get your thank you (see below).

You may also use the following QR Code instead:


Other options to support my work

Money isn’t the only option when it comes to supporting my work. I’m well aware that you may not be in the position to support me with money or may not want to.

There are other ways though as outlined below:

  1. You can whitelist my Blog in your ad-blocker if you run one so that ads are displayed. Some ads services pay me (not active yet) by the view which means that even if you don’t interact with it, I get paid.
  2. Spread the word and tell your friends, family, and colleagues about my site or share posts on social networking sites.
  3. Post meaningful comments here on my page. A ‘press on the ‘Like’Button also helps to climb up in the ranks.
  4. Reference to other pages or mentions are also helpful. If you like the page and you’re thinking about an guest article you’re heartily welcome.

Benefits by supporting my page

If you support me and my work you will get access to your own user account here which removes all ads from my Blog.

In addition, supporting me will improve your commenting experience, as your comments will not land in my spam folder and increased your change up to 30% in case there is a giveaway.

Last but not least, you will get access to a private access to a channel that features topics that we can not talk about here in public.

Thank you for your time reading all this and your support of course. give_ros

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