What is Windows Defender Application Guard?

The Windows Defender Application Guard (for Edge) is designed to protect your Windows OS from malware and zero-day attacks. When enabled, the feature works by creating a new instance of the Edge browser. The new instance is created on the hardware level using Hyper-V with its own kernel and all the required elements for the... Continue Reading →

Lemme fix: Blurry Fonts on High-DPI Displays in Windows

It can be pain in the ass when you have a good monitor which displays the fonts blurry because your Windows OS or an application 'pixelrate' them. Many 1080p displays, especially smaller screens and laptops seem to suffer from blurry fonts e.g. under Windows. This little lemme fix shows what options you get in order to... Continue Reading →

Microsoft released WinFile v10.0 File Manager source code on GitHub

Microsoft released their old File Manager from Windows NT 4.x (Windows ME) times as open source on GitHub. The project is licensed under MIT. Another pointless release if you ask me and maybe only a worthless try to win some trust back (=). Or is it really only to show what it was using the... Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Firewall Control Review

Windows 10 Firewall Control is a paid firewall solution by Sphinx Software. In this review, we will check if it's worth to buy it and how if it competes against WFC by Binisoft. So, enough introduction - let's check it! Download The latest download links for the final versions are always available under the same... Continue Reading →

HowTo limit Hard Drive Space in Windows for a specific User

You may share your PC/Laptop with your family and want to ensure that this person doesn't waste all the hard drive space, the solution here is simple you can work with Windows own Disk Quota feature, the benefit is that you won't need any third-party tool. There are a few things you need to keep in... Continue Reading →

KB4100480 fixes a CVE in Windows 7, Embedded & Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 systems

Microsoft released yesterday a new KB, the new KB4100480 fixes a security hole (CVE-2018-1038). The update itself is only available for x64 systems. Microsoft itself doesn't show much, a proper changelog is - as always - missing. But that's an old cap. Fewer details but it fixes a critical hole KB4100480 seems only for Windows... Continue Reading →

KB4088881 Windows 7 monthly Preview Rollup which corrects problems introduced in KB4088875

KB4088881 is a Windows 7 monthly Preview Rollup which means it's no a security related update, it fixes several problems from the latest KB4088875 which was released 13. March 2018. In other words, yet again a new bugfix release - this time only for Windows 7. Lot's of known issue + PAE This new update seems... Continue Reading →

How To remove or block certificates in Windows

The following tutorial works on every Windows, from 7 up to 10 so don't worry if the screenshots looking slightly different but the process is exactly the same. But why should you remove some certificates? Simply to avoid spying or traffic redirects and other certificate frauds. Why should you remove or mess manually with certificates?... Continue Reading →

Workaround for KB4088875 & KB4088878

Microsoft yet again fucked up big time here. Two updates KB4088875 & KB4088878 causing a lot of drama and the Windows community is totally upset about this, what happened? Those two updates affecting Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 system which after installing the update having problems to obtain a valid IP address on virtual networks products such... Continue Reading →

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