Windows 10 Update 1803 KB4338548 (Build 17134.83) + Office June Patchday

Achievement unlocked: Survived another cumulative Update. Windows 10 just got another fresh update, which upgrades you right to Build 17134.83, okay what you really expect the title already says everything but well I had to mention it! Changelog As always Microsoft doesn't provide a changelog, the page is as empty as my bank account. This update... Continue Reading →

How To Install gpedit (Group Policy Editor) for Windows Starter Edition, Home and Home Premium without any tools

There tons of guides out there which are all telling you that you need to download additional files or programs in order to get gpedit.msc on your Windows Home Edition - this is definitely wrong, Windows 10 already comes with all the files you need, it's simply a bit hidden to find and requires deeper... Continue Reading →

Impressive Microsoft! After 2 years you solved the re-installing Apps problem

Microsoft fixed after almost exactly 2 years the app installation problematic for all current supported Windows 10 Builds. A lot of users reported that apps keep getting reinstalled automatically without any permission or user interaction out of nowhere. The Problem When you update a computer running Windows 10, version 1703, you might see provisioned apps... Continue Reading →

HWID Generation doesn’t need KMS in order to activate Windows

s1ave77 (known from MDL forums) wrote another little utility in order to activate any Windows 10 version, for Volume license versions this means it doesn't require KMS in order to activate it. It's also not depending to install an older Windows Version in order to 'upgrade' your Windows to a newer version (upgrade 'trick). The... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 and 8.1 Users still can get Windows 10 (Build 1709) for free

In case you haven't upgraded yet, this is another chance. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users still can get Windows 10 for free in a legal way. Preparing and getting the Upgrade What you need? You need a clean and correctly working Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, this means no damaged files should be on... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Patchday for April 2018

Microsoft planned to release the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (1803) today, but it appears that the release has been delayed because quality management reasons. Instead we get a lot of new security relevant updates which fixing several holes. No Springs Creators Update today But who cares? I already listed all download links here. The... Continue Reading →

Microsoft does not broke the ability to disable web search in Windows 10 version 1803

There some 'news' which I need to react too because people asked me this night via eMail if it's true or not that Microsoft broke Cortana's Web Search function in Windows 10 which makes it impossible to disable it. Sadly the quality of GHacks is sinking more and more. The official Group policy editor still triggers one... Continue Reading →

Screen Clips will be integrated in Windows Redstone 5

Microsoft tests another gimmick function in order to improve the OS usability. The new Screen Clip function is already in an unfished form integrated in the current Windows Insider Builds 17639. Thurott has already reported about this new feature. Clips as a replacement for old utilities The screenshot/clips function will replace Windows integrated Snipping Tool and... Continue Reading →

What Microsoft really needs to change to make a better OS

Redstone 4 aka Spring Creators Update is already an old cap the next Redstone 5 builds are already in the pipe, but what does Microsoft need to change in order to become the best OS ever 🤔? Here is my own list what Microsoft should change with 19H1. Warning: Clickbait article ahead, because I used the 'M'... Continue Reading →

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