Firefox ‘what we steal in 2018’ from other Browsers list

Mozilla updated their Wiki website with a new 'roadmap' what the Browser will get in 2018. The list looks like they want to ripp-off certain functions from other Browsers. Mozilla Firefox finally reveals that it has a identity problem with such a list. Firefox Product Roadmap The product roadmap can be found here, people which... Continue Reading →


Opera 52 with ad-blocking and other small improvements

Opera 52 was released today and it comes with some neat changes regarding it's integrated ads-blocking mechanism and also introduced a new feature which allows you to duplicate multiple page addresses in one process. The official Opera Blog page hasn't updated it yet, but it's expected in the coming days - in the meantime you... Continue Reading →

Chrome Flags which you need to checkout

Firefox becomes more and more a PR GAG and Mozilla doesn't deliver what they promise - a secure Browser - so you might want to switch to Chrome, or a fork like Chromium instead in order to get a 'clean' Browser. However, you can tweak several about:flags options in order to harden your Chrome even... Continue Reading →

Firefox 60 might get the ability to send all DNS queries to Cloudflare

What Martin Brinkmann didn't wrote in his post is that Firefox 60 new possible feature isn't there to secure the browser, it's there to submit the telemetry directly to Cloudflare which is a in my eyes a no-go. This would act like a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) in order to collect which pages you visited and would... Continue Reading →

Firefox & Thunderbird’s Master Password System weak since 9 years

It seems like the integrated Master Password system from Firefox & Thunderbird are since over 9 years weak against known brute-force attacks and still remain unfixed. The findings are based on the work of Justin Dolske & Wladimir Palant. Weak System according to Wladimir Palant Wladimir Palant which is known to be the author of the... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox 59.0.1 – Security Bugfix release

Mozilla just released a security bugfix release straight after the final release. The new version fixes several security related issue discovered  originally by the Pwn2Own conference. This release is only a bugfix release and doesn't offer anything new or changed compared to the 59.0.0 release. Mozilla is also going to fix a security problem which... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox Quantum 59.0 is out

Mozilla today released the final version of Firefox Quantum, Version 59 brings several improvements related to the security aspect and also some improvements from existent utilities like the screenshot functionality. Changelog As always Mozilla is going to upload the changelog a bit later, it can be found here. The Android app is going to be... Continue Reading →

Tor Browser 7.5.1 is out

The Tor Blog just released another versions update for it's Browser which introduced several security updates, interface changes and improvements based on user reports. As always you can find the changelog since the last stable release, 7.0.11 right here. You should get the automatic update notification already or in the coming hours. What's news All... Continue Reading →

Mozilla wants to fight popups

Sometimes you only can hate Mozilla and sometimes we all could kiss them, I think the second category applies to this news - there going to fight the annoying popups which you might see on several pages, right now there is no way to disallow them except installing a popup blocker (ad-blocker) or disallow any... Continue Reading →

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