Opera 52 with ad-blocking and other small improvements

Opera 52 was released today and it comes with some neat changes regarding it’s integrated ads-blocking mechanism and also introduced a new feature which allows you to duplicate multiple page addresses in one process. The official Opera Blog page hasn’t updated it yet, but it’s expected in the coming days – in the meantime you can receive the update via the automatically updater.


Ads-blocker improved

Opera 52’s ad blocker is now faster than its predecessor and outperformed the recently unveiled ad blocking contender from Google Chrome. Thanks to improved string matching algorithms, Opera’s ad blocker mechanism got increased performance gains to assist in faster page loading.

Opera adblocker is now up to 16% faster, the improvement comes by optimizing string matching algorithms which allows you to load the page slightly faster than in Opera 51.

Copy multiple Tabs

Opera 52.0 includes a new option to copy multiple page addresses with one single click which means you can select multiple tabs in Opera by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and using the left mouse button to select tabs. The marked tabs then can be moved to another Window within Opera.

Opera copy multiple tabs

The new option “copy page addresses” automatically copies all URLs once you decided which webpage you like to copy.


  • Holding down the Alt-key while clicking on the tab selection will close all of them in one swift operation.
  • Holding down the Shift-key and left-click on a tab allows Opera to automatically select all other tabs to it’s right as well.
  • The about:flags change ‘#scroll-on-active-tab-on-click’ if enabled, allows you to quickly to scroll to the most recent tab with one click. It brings you to the top front of a page.

Opera 52 about_flags

Other changes

  • Opera’s Chromium was updated to build 65.0.3325.162
  • Enable feed news for RU, UA, BY and US.
  • [Mac only] Allow double-click to open new downloads
  • Enable flag #scroll-on-active-tab-on-click on beta/stable
  • Hide extension update requests from webRequest API by URL

Closing Words

Overall a good release and Opera becomes a real alternative especially for beginners which want a clean Browser with some customizable options. The potential is there but I’m not sure if that’s enough to compete against the original Browser.