Firefox dropped below 10% share value according to NetMarketshare

NetMarketshare released their latest Browser market share analysis. It looks bad for Firefox, really bad - but what are the reasons? Overview Firefox had a market share of 12.63% in June 2017 according to Netmarketshare and even managed to rise above the 13% mark in 2017 before its share fell to 9.92% in May 2018.... Continue Reading →

Firefox 63 gets a Anti-Mining Protection

Mozilla developers are working on an improved Tracking Protection system for the Firefox browser that will land in version 63, scheduled for release in mid October. Firefox 63 with improved Cryptojacking Protection Tracking Protection is a feature that blocks Firefox from loading scripts from abusive trackers. It was first launched with Firefox's Private Browsing mode... Continue Reading →

How to Disable Sponsored Ads in Firefox

Firefox’s recent update to version 60 and it started displaying sponsored ads whenever you open a new tab. Some users may not mind seeing these ads, but others want them gone yesterday. Don’t worry if you don’t get along with technology, as the steps to disable sponsored ads are quick and easy. Disabling Sponsored Ads... Continue Reading →

Chromium removed the ability to compile the Browser without WebRTC

There bad news and there's good news for security fans, first things first - the Chromium source code disabled the ability to compile the Browser without WebRTC. For those who have no clue why WebRTC is a thing, well back in 2015 there was a huge security breach based on the Web Real-Time Communication project which... Continue Reading →

Firefox DNSSEC feature (DNS over HTTPS)

Firefox seems to work now together with Cloudflare, in order to get your data. What Mozilla calls 'DNS over HTTPS' is simply another term for DNSSEC which signs the queries so that an attacker can't see which domain you're visiting, on paper this sounds good. Firefox nightly and network.trr.mod about:config It's unclear if the new entry gets... Continue Reading →

Happy B-day: Mozilla Turns Twenty Years Old

March 31, 1998 was the day when everything officially started. I say happy B-day Mozilla, better late than never I guess.  Netscape Navigator Two announcements had been made by Netscape Communications Corporation back in January 22nd, 1998. The first was that its Netscape Communicator client software and its Netscape Navigator browser were being made available free... Continue Reading →

Fire.onion for Android & Red Onion are Tor Browsers for anonymous browsing and darknet

Fire.onion is an Android supported (unofficial) Tor Browser which allows you to surf the web without any other external apps running in the background - it's an all-in-one bundle. iOS user can use Red Onion. Both Browser are unique and come with everything you need, which means you don't need any apps or programs running... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox 59.0.2 is out

Mozilla just released another bugfix release which fixes several issues reported within the official bugtracker. Download You get the update via the internal update mechanism or you can download it manually via the secured ftp server over here. Changelog The full changelog is as always available over here. Invalid page rendering with hardware acceleration enabled... Continue Reading →

Vivaldi 1.14 is out – First release of 2018

Vivaldi is a freeware, a chromium based cross-platform web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies and has a large community but the market share is not as big as IE, Firefox or Chrome, however the new release brings a lot of useful function in his updated Web Browser. So you should not underestimate this Browser alternative.... Continue Reading →

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