Starting with Android P, Google will force manufacturers to roll out regular security updates for their smartphones

Security of Android devices has been a nightmare since the first days and the biggest reason being is that users don't receive latest security patch updates regularly. Precisely, it's your device manufacturer (Android OEMs) actually who takes time to roll out security patches for your devices and sometimes, even has been caught lying about security updates, telling... Continue Reading →

An Overview of all upcoming Android P changes

The first preview build of Android is since a week out and today we're going to check what are the changes with the upcoming Android P final release in August this year. A lot of changes introduced in Android P There are a lot of changed stuff introduced in Android P and it might still... Continue Reading →

Android P(ie) gets released 14th May

BGR speculates that Google will likely release Android P(ie) Developer Preview 1 this month. Android N and Android O were also released in March (Developer Preview). Android P is rumored to have "pie" in the name, the speculation is that Android P will release on "Pi Day" or 3/14/18. Evan Blass is also stating that Google... Continue Reading →

Android P gets stricter call blocking

XDA-Developers reporting that Android P might get a new feature to the stock dialer app  commits showing a part of a new set of a new patch-set that were added to AOSP from a Sony Engineer. This little new feature would allow you to block all incoming calls from any number that isn't in your list... Continue Reading →

Android P blocks background Camera and Microphone access

Googles tries to improve the security and data privacy in the upcoming Android P release, right now after the app gets the permissions to use the microphone or camera the app theoretically can 'spy' on you secretly in the background, this will be changed. The problem - visible and background activities Background activities are right... Continue Reading →

Android P might hide Signal Strength Status

According to a few commits, it appears that some carriers are pushing for the ability to hide the signal strength in the next version of Android. Currently, the signal strength can be found under "Sim Status" in the settings menu. This is the actual numerical signal strength measured in dBm or asu: the lower the... Continue Reading →

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