An Overview of all upcoming Android P changes

The first preview build of Android is since a week out and today we’re going to check what are the changes with the upcoming Android P final release in August this year.


A lot of changes introduced in Android P

There are a lot of changed stuff introduced in Android P and it might still gets new things with upcoming previews at least some fixes. So here is a quick summery with the necessary links.

I theoretically could mention everything in detail in this article but that is way too much and please keep in mind that Google might change some things over the time, once Android P is out I’m going to do a deeper look into the changes.

What’s news

  • User Interface changes in Android P
    • New UI for settings/quick settings
    • New notification style for messages
    • New transition/notification expansion animations
    • Updated Pixel Launcher with voice search icon and more prominent dock
    • Battery saver no longer shows orange warning
    • Always on display shows battery info and centers notifications
    • New Easter Egg
    • Some new ADB commands
    • About phone screen now shows additional info in a popup window
    • Material Design 2.0 (basically small upgrades here and there)
  • Quality of Life changes in Android P
    • Built-in screenshot editor called Markup
    • Screenshot button in power menu
    • Text selection zoom  similar like iOS
    • Battery saver can now be scheduled
    • Do Not Disturb has been simplified down to a single mode
    • Volume buttons now control media volume by default
    • Adaptive Brightness is now much more useful as it actually changes the base brightness level
    • Hotspot can be turned off automatically if no devices are connected
    • Rotation can be locked to landscape mode
    • Multi-Bluetooth HFP/A2DP support
    • Individual Wi-Fi networks can now be set to metered/unmetered
    • Vibration controls in Accessibility Settings
    • Accessibility option to disable all animations
    • SysTrace tool is now built-in
    • Recently posted notifications are now shown in notification settings
    • Android P Behavior Changes

All changes in two parts can be found at our friends at XDA. AT this time once again an incredible thanks to the community and XDA for finding all the candy in Android P!

Notch is coming

Android P headline feature is basically spoken support for the display cutout which is a Google reactions to Apples notch. Lot’s of folks are going to complain about this I already can predict this without any crystal ball

Starting with the developer preview Google has made it possible to simulate all the different flavors of notch to see how the app deals with different kinds of cutout.

Android P a good one?

I think yes, the security and app related changes are nice to have and a big step forward for the mass in a better smartphone OS. The user interface changes, Material Design 2.0 are something which I say are a matter of taste. Personally I like Google’s Material Design but not everyone likes it ‘flat’. I think there are a lot of guides upcoming how you can convert your Android to an cheaper iPhoneX because of the notch changes, I’ll say no and skip the hype because iOS is definitely not so my flavor.

I like to say that P will be a good release because most of the changes make sense to me and I often watch the community around Android so I can – based on the reactions – mostly see if people going to do the change or not and I do believe that people will make the switch very fast (well, depending if the OEM rolls out an update for you or not).

Let’s only hope that the new features are not going to hurt the battery or breaking a lot of apps, that’s the main problem, it often takes a half year until the apps you daily use are compatible for the new features.