Starting with Android P, Google will force manufacturers to roll out regular security updates for their smartphones

Security of Android devices has been a nightmare since the first days and the biggest reason being is that users don’t receive latest security patch updates regularly. Precisely, it’s your device manufacturer (Android OEMs) actually who takes time to roll out security patches for your devices and sometimes, even has been caught lying about security updates, telling customers that their smartphones are running the latest updates.


What will be changed?

Monthly security patches are extremely critical in a time and age where malware, hijacks and ransomware are rampant. Last year when HMD Global revived the Nokia brand, one of their key selling points was the promise of delivering security patch updates the minute Google made them available. Now, it seems Google is going to force everyone to fall in line.

Since Google did not have direct control over the OEM branded firmware running on billions of devices, it brought some significant changes to the Android system architecture last year with Project Treble gain more control over the update process. Although Google and device manufacturers have made some progress in the past year, the problem with the security update remains because of OEMs not delivering all patches regularly and on a timely basis, leaving parts of the Android ecosystem exposed to hackers.

Closing Words

It’s a good sign that Google is thinking of ways to get security updates to users at a faster pace. But chances are, any effort will get off to a slow start given how vast and fragmented the Android landscape is.