Windows 10

Update KB4074608 as ‘stability’ release – secretly it prepares you for Windows RS 4

There was a patch yesterday and now we just got another thing, the strange thing here is that the new update is manually downloadable. The changelog doesn’t tell us much except that the update improves the system stability. Whatever the hell that means.

Update Installed

What does this update really do?

The update prepares your OS for the upcoming Windows Redstone 4 release in 7 weeks, 1803 will typically come in waves and this requires some preparation.

Basically, it changes the Servicing Stack and not a service by itself. The Servicing Stack is the component of Windows, which handles the Windows component store (CBS), which is the key part managing Windows features, updates and many more.

The update must be manually downloaded and on an x86 machine refused it to install (in my tests).


As always I give you guys the direct links and you can go ahead and install it, the x64 version is as always bigger.