Attack on my GitLab Account after an engagement with the Madaidan’s Telegram Group

Madaidan is a Troll

Madaidan exposed himself as a troll. Self-proclaimed expert does not even understand context of a basic discussion. Afterword bogus reports me on GitLab after debunking the communities nonsense against me in a failed attempt to undermine me credibility.

Claiming Linux is a joke is nothing but trolling and FUD.

Linux as well as Windows both evolving and addressing new stuff.

What happened

After a discussion with some unknown member who claimed Madaidan would work for the FBI I got curious because on his GitHub website nothing mention any connection, so I went into his Telegram Group to see if he claims in public to have connections to FBI, I mean I already know that he has none but regardless I wanted to see if he lies or not.

The .onion addresses are public in Googles database, if you check them you see absolute no cp, you see a forum with not even pictures or anything at all in it.
FBI claim, which got me curious already known it can only be a troll.

So I asked, people instantly trolled me, even admitted it in the chat – see screenshots – but I knew the group including the owner are bunch of kids an trolls, I had previous contact with them and they are bunch of shit-talkers.

Undermining my credibility

Quickly debunked without a sweat.

It is not new, if you have no argument against me that you try to undermine me with nonsense that is debunked, I quickly responded actually waited already for a ban after I got my answer that Maidan does not work for the FBI, however I was bored today and wanted to see how the discussion will unravel.

The stories are all known, and they are since years online on my Blog and everything is covered.

Madaidan and the Group cannot even understand common sense or what context or reference is

Reference in form of a link proving my point was given, this stands correct and shows the phishing trend.
The context was clear, everyone with some brain cells understands the reference from phishing to pish. If I man pee I write pee, such kindergarten group.

As you can see in the screenshots they cannot even understand the context, after I provided a link and explanation what last years attacking trends are he could not even understand my short name for it – pish, which is just normal logic about what was I referring too.

First he claims my NSA project would block updates which is not true at all, then he comes with another project claiming I would steal crazy-max hosts file, this is proven and shown on my WordPress block and not the case.

Unable to follow conversation apparently, mix two different projects and then claim I would block Windows Updates in NSAblocklist, which was previously the subject, again I never blocked Windows Update in NSAblocklist.

The argumentation is stupid so or so, even if you attempt to block Windows Update you can, even without MS download or call it side-load the .msu update files and then install it, which was the whole point of the filtering repository and this specific filter. The filter was also directly documented, so why ask for something that is documented. Makes no sense. Shows lack of verbal skills and not able to follow the actual context.

This raises the question if you cannot even understand a basic conversation like this, the how can you write about security. I doubt that the user as well as the group has any actual background.

Telegram Group Ban under false claim

There are zero links to any cp in any of my GitHub repos, Gists nor GiLab projects. Also no evidence provided.

People accused me of spreading child p., this is absolute not the case. I showed the link which explains the GitHub false positive, which contains only screenshot with the conversation. As reason I got kicked out claiming it would still contain cp. Straight after that they reported me to GitLab. The reality is that the GitLab repository contains only a short explanation and then screenshots as proof between me and GitHub.

In reality I posted a Gists to block specific websites, it also contains .onion websites, those websites can change any after YEARS GitHub scanned the file again claiming <- CLAIM that it contained some cp .onion domain, I checked each and every single .onion URL and forum no indicator to backup such a claim, which was also the reason that GitHub unblocked me without even apologizing, they literally wanted that I remove .onion domains not even showing anything on proof, even pixelrated proof would have been enough. This is the entire thing that I myself leaked on GitLab as well as GitHub showing that the scanning engine also makes mistakes, which was the case.

This shows how toxic these clowns are.

Attacking my GitLab Account with bogus and fake reports

Right after I got banned from the Telegram Group my Account got blocked by an GitLab Bot.

Quickly after Maidan banned me from his group and I noticed that my GitLab Account suddenly got blocked, which demonstrate how shady those people operate to do anything in their powers to block me and my work. This is absolute no coincident and such action is beyond disrespectful, causes damages to my reputation, causes GitLab more work and such individuals typically getting away with in hiding behind their anonymity.

I contacted GitLab now to resolve this matter and I expect that the one who reported me gets suspended due to bogus DMCA or ToS trolling.

I think reports are automated, which means a Bot blocks your account until this is reviewed by a human, which I requested now via eMail.

This shows what such people do and this is disrespectful and I am ashamed that such people even getting some support, or beg for money.

Here is the archive with everything in it

Website archive in case they report me across all platforms now

DMCA trolling will not be tolerated nor impress me.

At the end I like to express that I do not deal with threats and that this will not silence me, the opposite is going to happen, I continue to call such toxic communities out.

If that is not fucktard behavior then I dunno what is. 🤣

Go ahead kid and pee on yourself, this was not the context and everyone knew I was referring to phishing. Everyone with some social skills can see that.

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