ProtonVPN: Android app gets unlimited bandwidth without ads

Proton Technologies released another update of their Android app and they promised to not include any ads in it. Good thing I say! But what about the speed?


The free version is limited but it seems that you can enter a trial phase which unlocks paid features as well, speed wise you can surf the Web but you shouldn’t expect the same speed as if you would use a paid plan.

Overview of the App

  • ProtonVPN for Android uses the IKEv2 protocol
  • You need a login top use the app, free or paid doesn’t matter
  • You can choose between different servers from within the app
  • A DNSLeak protection can be enabled, however there is no such function like an integrated ad-blocking mechanism (like PIA and MACE)
  • Unless other ‘free’ VPN apps there no ads in the app integrated

The app looks modern, it’s relativity fast – sometimes it takes several seconds to switch between the servers due the fact that it requires some time to disconnect / connect and overall the app was coded well, the functions are easy to understand even for beginners and the integrated graph is a useful function to see the speed and volume.


If you look for a free VPN provider, go with ProtonVPN, especially the Android app is attractive since it doesn’t collect any data or use Ads, the speed is limited but I won’t expect that you want do some P2P filesharing on your device. An integrated adblocking mechanism would be fine but maybe it’s planned (I have no information about this right now).

ProtonVPN free or paid does it’s job and there is nothing to complain about, when I would suggest a VPN today I would say PIA, Proton or NordVPN because I never ever heard something negative about these providers, of course the speed can (for some users) a problem but the provider constantly working on it.