YouTube tests Picture-in-Picture function in Desktop Browsers

YouTube again! Sorry, but this function seems useful so I have to write about it. In fact the Picture-in-Picture function isn't new and already available for mobile users, but now it seems to work on the Desktop version too. Enabling the function Open your Chrome/Chromium or Opera browser and type in the URL Address bar chrome://flags.... Continue Reading →

YouTube allows you to stream directly from your Browser without external Software

YouTube announced today that their streaming service gets easier - this means you can now stream directly from your PC or phone, all you need is a Chrome Browser and of course an account and a webcam. Overview Streamers normally need software like Xsplit or OBS Studio in order to setup their encoders, this will from... Continue Reading →

FreeTube Review

FreeTube is an open source desktop YouTube HTML5 player built with privacy in mind. You can watch your favorite YouTube videos ad-free as well as prevent Google from tracking what you watch. That is the developer promise, we will see if he holds what he promises and please keep in mind that the application is... Continue Reading →

Lemme Fix: IDM isn’t showning the download panel on YouTube

Internet Download Manager is the best commercial solution to download video, audio or other files and it's trusted by a lot of customers around the globe, but sometimes it has for some people problems to download things from YouTube. This has something to do how IDM is configured and in this quick 'lemme fix' I... Continue Reading →

Twitch is now spying on you and your online behavior

Well, I recently made a complaint about YouTube's new guidelines but we shouldn't forget that there are more streaming services out there. Twitch getting more and more greedy, including more ads and external third-party connections which reminds me on several malware sites I know and now their latest change really hit me like a punch in my... Continue Reading →

YouTube alternative DTube

DTube is a relativity young project it's a decentralized blockchain-based solution against YouTube censorship and copyright madness - so the promise. Overview DTube is basically a platform fully written in Javascript, it allows the user to post videos and watch videos and users can earn money in their videos by upvoting the videos. It's a... Continue Reading →

YouTube Ads Hijacked Visitors’ Computers to Mine Cryptocurrency in the background

YouTube was infected with cryptocurrency-mining ads this week. According to Trend Micro, ads from Google's DoubleClick platform contained Javascript for mining Monero via Coinhive. The issue became obvious when AV software began flagging the site and users noticed higher-than-normal CPU usage.     The real problems are CDNs The real problem isn't that such technique... Continue Reading →

YouTube got even more toxic today

YouTube did it again, they killing small creators income - The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) got changed today and there some new rules which are ridiculous strong. Today's announcement will really piss off a lot of content creators and maybe stop people from starting their career on the platform, the ones which having a benefit... Continue Reading →

NewPipe – A lightweight YouTube Client for Android

There tons of YouTube apps out there and the normal YouTube app is usually fine to use but you might want as less as Google services as possible on your Smartphone or you simply care about your privacy - then NewPipe is the client you're looking for. Benefits using NewPipe The app is open source... Continue Reading →

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