How To Install gpedit (Group Policy Editor) for Windows Starter Edition, Home and Home Premium without any tools

There tons of guides out there which are all telling you that you need to download additional files or programs in order to get gpedit.msc on your Windows Home Edition - this is definitely wrong, Windows 10 already comes with all the files you need, it's simply a bit hidden to find and requires deeper... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Patchday for April 2018

Microsoft planned to release the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (1803) today, but it appears that the release has been delayed because quality management reasons. Instead we get a lot of new security relevant updates which fixing several holes. No Springs Creators Update today But who cares? I already listed all download links here. The... Continue Reading →

Lemme fix: Blurry Fonts on High-DPI Displays in Windows

It can be pain in the ass when you have a good monitor which displays the fonts blurry because your Windows OS or an application 'pixelrate' them. Many 1080p displays, especially smaller screens and laptops seem to suffer from blurry fonts e.g. under Windows. This little lemme fix shows what options you get in order to... Continue Reading →

How To Calibrate your Laptop’s & Android’s Battery

Managing the battery usage is a very big aspect of an electronic device in order to conserve the performance of the battery and prolong the battery life. Using as less applications as possible while disabling unnecessary background tasks is on major factor to get a longer life, but what if the screens suddenly went black?... Continue Reading →

HowTo limit Hard Drive Space in Windows for a specific User

You may share your PC/Laptop with your family and want to ensure that this person doesn't waste all the hard drive space, the solution here is simple you can work with Windows own Disk Quota feature, the benefit is that you won't need any third-party tool. There are a few things you need to keep in... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Security Updates March 2018 Edition

Microsoft today released a bunch of new updates - for all Windows Builds. The March 2018 Patchday is as expected and there this time no surprises. As always you can download and install the latest updates manually via the MS update catalog or via WUS. Overview Microsoft has updated its own Security Advisory ADV180002 Guidance to... Continue Reading →

Microsoft confirms Spring Creators Update (Redstone 4) comes in April and get 18 Months of Support

According to a Microsoft Developer blog post that was published in February and then modified today the Windows 10 spring creators update will land for the public in mid April. It also says that support for the update will end in October 2019, giving it the standard 18 months. If it's like previous versions though, Microsoft will end... Continue Reading →

KB4038188 aka Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 Preview (Build 3056)

Microsoft released another KB, nope no Hotfix this time - KB4038188 is a .NET Framework preview for all who can't wait to get the hands on the latest .NET version. The update is installable for Windows 7 up to Windows 10. Changelog The changelog is as always gigantic so I only drop the link to... Continue Reading →

Which Start Menu Apps are worth to be installed?

The Windows 8/10 Start Menu is still a discussion ground for a lot of people and a matter of taste, one corner says that the new Menu is create the other corner is saying "nothing was wrong with the 7 one". And somehow I agree in both of them cause it's a personal preference and... Continue Reading →

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