KB4100480 fixes a CVE in Windows 7, Embedded & Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 systems

Microsoft released yesterday a new KB, the new KB4100480 fixes a security hole (CVE-2018-1038). The update itself is only available for x64 systems. Microsoft itself doesn't show much, a proper changelog is - as always - missing. But that's an old cap. Fewer details but it fixes a critical hole KB4100480 seems only for Windows... Continue Reading →

KB4088881 Windows 7 monthly Preview Rollup which corrects problems introduced in KB4088875

KB4088881 is a Windows 7 monthly Preview Rollup which means it's no a security related update, it fixes several problems from the latest KB4088875 which was released 13. March 2018. In other words, yet again a new bugfix release - this time only for Windows 7. Lot's of known issue + PAE This new update seems... Continue Reading →

Workaround for KB4088875 & KB4088878

Microsoft yet again fucked up big time here. Two updates KB4088875 & KB4088878 causing a lot of drama and the Windows community is totally upset about this, what happened? Those two updates affecting Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 system which after installing the update having problems to obtain a valid IP address on virtual networks products such... Continue Reading →

How To Change Windows Sleep Settings

Managing your Sleep settings can be important to reduce energy costs and is also helpful to increase you PC performance since every new modern hardware regulates their output based on the choosed power plan profile. Changing the Power Plan according to your needs All Windows PC's no matter if Windows 7, 8 or 10. offering... Continue Reading →

AMD: Raven Ridge doesn’t work under Windows 7

AMD is dropping the support for older operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and now Windows 7. You still could't 'cheat' you way around this with other newer CPU's because it was a driver 'problem' but this is now over. Not the OS is to blame this time, the BIOS is Previously you could boot... Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Still Hasn’t Overtaken Windows 7

In the final month of 2017, Windows 10 grew by around 0.33 percentage points, to give it 41.69 percent share. In the same month, Windows 7 fell 0.62 percentage points, putting it a whisker ahead on 41.89 percent. It seems very, very likely the new OS will finally come out on top next month, unless... Continue Reading →

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