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The reason why you should use VeraCrypt instead of Microsoft’s BitLocker

BitLocker is Microsoft own solution in order to provide Full Disk Encryption on your Windows or on another partition.

Windows Bitlocker option, you can control or setup your encryption here.
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VeraCrypt 1.22 final is out

Holy moly, so many updates recently from VeraCrypt. Well, I like to see it positive and I like to remind you that this update is important, not only because it brings several new algorithm, it also fixes the bootloader problems in Windows.



VeraCrypt 1.22 Beta 7 & 8 are fixing the MBR Bootloader problem

The new VeraCrypt Beta’s fixing a major MBR problem reported by several users, including me – I posted a workaround for this. Now after 6 months the issue seems to be resolved. Beta 7 was posted March 27 2018 and even within the same week followed by Beta 8. The changelog for Beta 8 wasn’t updated yet, but it’s a pure bugfix release.

VeraCrypt 1.22 Beta 8


veracrypt-w10-patcher allows users to upgrade Windows without decrypting it first

The veracrypt-w10-patcher project is something which I wished would be integrated native into VeraCrypt, it allows the user to upgrade their Windows without the need to decrypt the system drive first.

VeraCrypt W10 Patcher

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Workaround for VeraCrypt pretest failure on Windows 10 Build 1709

The latest VeraCrypt Final/Beta seems to have some troubles with latest Windows changes, which means the pretest fails. This test is needed to verify if your HDD/SSD can be proper encrypted before the actual process really starts to avoid running into problems.