Overview of all pages which supporting Two Factor Auth (2FA)

You might wonder which websites actually supporting Two Factor Auth (2FA) and there is an easy list to answer this question - twofactorauth.org. It's a community based project hosted on GitHub. The page itself is very minimalistic (which I like) and you can get an overview by typing a specific page into the search field e.g. YouTube... Continue Reading →

Behind GitHub’s Two-Factor-Auth

For those who wonder how GitHub's Two-Factor-Auth 'style 2' codes work, there is an article which explains the basic mechanism. It will explain the magic from getting the QR code to getting a spinning 6-digit pin code. Like magic,... like magic. otpauth://totp/Github:rcoh?secret=onswg4tforrw6zdf&issuer=Github Scanning the QR code will tell you the protocol, TOTP who is issuing this OTP... Continue Reading →

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