TLS 1.3 has a Trust Problem

The final version (draft) for TLS 1.3 is ready, the problem is that several organization, especially from the USA and several banking pages & Anti-Virus developers, constantly fighting the upcoming (and most secure) protocol. Who will be in control?! TLS 1.3 vs TLS 1.2 The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the group that has been... Continue Reading →

TLS 1.3 get’s blocked by Cisco, Avast & NSA

The latest TLS 1.3 draft has several issues which needs to be solved - those problems are related to Cisco, Avast and the NSA. The reason why TLS 1.3 isn't official released are problems - Middleboxes. Devices like some Canon printers or Browsers (like Chrome which supports the latest draft) dropping the TLS connection. The... Continue Reading →

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