Thunderbird 60 Beta 1 is out

Together with the bugfix release of Firefox Mozilla also rolled out another Thunderbird build version 60 brings several calendar improvements among other changed things like the ability to compress the folders even if you're online which can reduce the database size. Download If you're a beta tester you already should see the update via the... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Thunderbird 52.7.0 with security fixes and two other minor changes

Mozilla released another Thunderbird update which fixes various security problems. Among this important change the eMail-Client also got two other minor fixes which fixes a search problem reported via the Bugtracker and a Yahoo related problem to display a better error message in order something went wrong. Download You can revive the update within the... Continue Reading →

Firefox & Thunderbird’s Master Password System weak since 9 years

It seems like the integrated Master Password system from Firefox & Thunderbird are since over 9 years weak against known brute-force attacks and still remain unfixed. The findings are based on the work of Justin Dolske & Wladimir Palant. Weak System according to Wladimir Palant Wladimir Palant which is known to be the author of the... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Lightning 5.4

Good news from Mozilla, the Lighting calendar which you can fully integrate into Mozilla Thunderbird or Seamonkey got an update and is now available and downloadable in version 5.4. The work on version 6.x are already ongoing. Changes in v5.4 A full changelog can be found here, and the extension is as always available here.... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Thunderbird 52.6.0

Mozilla just released another final version of it's Thunderbird version, 52.6.0 comes with minor changes and corrections. At this time I wrote the article, Mozilla still links to the older 52.5.2 version. The releasenotes can be found here together with the system requirements here. The latest 58 beta can be found here - releasenotes here.... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Thunderbird 58 is out

Mozilla released his first Thunderbird Release for this year, version 58 comes with some nice changes., the rendering process was improved and the loading speed also got changed. The full changelog can be found here. For day to day use, it is recommended that most people stick with the stable release that is made available... Continue Reading →

eMail is broken – Here is what you can do about it

Email is broken and this is not a news but before we start to make a complaint, what alternatives do we have and how we deal with the problem? Is it possible to use eMail without exposing out identify or is eMail something what we should avoid using? This article will cover all of these... Continue Reading →

Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client isn’t dead!

Fans of Mozilla’s Thunderbird desktop email client will be happy to know that the nonprofit hasn’t yet killed the app off. Instead, it’s giving it a new lease of life. The organization noted that Thunderbird’s stable release, version 52, recently got a bunch of fixes and improvements. It also added four new staff members dedicated... Continue Reading →

Audit found several holes in Enigmail

Mozillas Secure Open Source Fund and Posteo found several holes which could be abused in Thunderbird extension Enigmail. The hole called TBE-01-002 abuses the funcs.jsm email parser function. This function normally is there to extract eMail addresses but it seems that it's attackable by regular expressions. TBE-01-005 allows an attacker to see encrypted eMails in plain text which... Continue Reading →

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