nVidia’s latest 397.93 Driver needs the GeForce Experience folder in it to de-bloat it

nVidia released today another driver, besides the usual bugfixes it has something new in it, the Setup requires now – no matter what – you to keep the GeForce Experience folder within the same dir as the Setup.exe – or you get an error. Before someone cries, it’s because changes of the Setup.exe itself – it now checks and gives you a new advance information what you like to install or not, which includes GeForce Experience directly.



CCleaner 5.43.6520 adds Telemetry into it’s Cleaner Program

Yes, another program shipped with telemetry – that’s what we love, oh wait it’s exactly the opposite. While telemetry is something you can’t escape from and a ‘new’ hype (it all started with Google and the so-called ‘tracking’) everyone seems to do the same now, Mozilla, Avast, Microsoft & Co. The bitter pill is that you basically have only three option like 1) Switch to another program 2). Disable or block telemetry 3).  Just live with it. For most people blocking or using another program is the best solution so far.

Telemetry Pro
The latest CCleaner version (as of today) added 3 telemetry options (but all three options are only for Pro users visible).
Windows 10

Another clickbait Article and disinformation regarding to Microsoft’s Telemtry tool

Is it true that even if you set Telemetry level in the Enterprise to 0 still doesn’t disable everything – Yes, 0 actually seems to not mean zero here, it includes Security related telemetry but is that a reason to be worried about?


Windows 10

Enable Microsoft new Telemetry Data Viewer

Windows 17083 or higher (the upcoming RS 4 release [to be released in 7/8 weeks from now]) will get a new Diagnostic Data Viewer app which let’s you view the diagnostic data the OS collects. Microsoft uses Windows diagnostic data to focus our decisions and efforts to provide you with the most robust and valuable platform possible. By participating in MS diagnostic data programs, you have a voice in the operating system’s development, improving the overall product experience and quality through your insights.


The new option gives you an overview which data are been collected exactly, right now it’s a bit cryptic but that might get changed.

Windows 10

Windows 10 RS 4 gets new privacy options

The next major update for Windows 10 is in the pipeline and the good news is that we getting more control over the telemetry data. The latest Insider Preview builds suggest that new tools to manage this data are in the works.


Tips and Tricks Windows 10

Windows 10 Anti-Telemetry and Data Collection Tools

First a warning! I’m not a fan of such tools and I do not recommend using any of them because I believe that most of it can be done via: GPO, registry, has no or less effect (placebo) or could be bypassed via dnsapi.dll.