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Patch My PC Review

PSI is dead and people keep asking me what do I recommend, the answer is SUMo but there is also Patch My PC which actually really do update your applications with a single click.

Similar look like CCleaner, on the left side the controlling menus to show you apps, options & co. and on the right side the necessary information for each app

Personal Software Inspector (PSI) end of life

PSI? Ah that was the solution which took forever to load to display which software is up2date or not, well PSI seems to drop their Personal Software Inspector solution on 20. April 2018 which means you that the program will no longer be maintained or supported.

Personal Software Inspector


SUMo v5.5.2.383 Giveaway by Bitsdujour

It’s weekend and I’ll drop some candy for you ladies and gentlemen, I just found that has a new Giveaway, SUMo. SUMo is similar like Secunia PSI a little product which scans your PC for installed/portable software and then it shows you if there is an update or not. Unless other products you can use it portable and it’s really fast, you can customize the scanning by excluding specific folders or allow even the scanning for beta software, personally I used it once a day because it’s really useful.