YouTube Music: PayforPlay Strategy

Lyor Cohen is a well-known in the music business, Bloomberg interviewed him and what he had to say was incredible stupid. He blames YouTube (and other platforms) to violate copyrights and not pay artists enough money, while this is true the argumentation is just ridiculous.

Official YouTube Music Logo.

Spotify warns ‘hacked apps’ user that their Account gets banned

TorrentFreak reports that Spotify users which using ‘hacked apps’ getting a warning eMail which tells you that “abnormal activity” has been observed from the user’s software and if you don’t stop it your account might get banned. I wonder how Spotify will do this especially if you can simply re-create another fake account?!



Spotify v1.0.75.483 with design improvements

The latest Spotify version fixes several smaller issue, this is nothing which deserves some attention but the design was changed a little bit which got my attention because I do believe it improves the usability of the entire application.

Spotify v1.0.74

Spotify slapped with massive $1.6 billion lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed on December 29 and alleges that Spotify has infringed on copyright by using thousands of their songs without a proper license, with WMP seeking at least $1.6 billion in damages and injunctive relief.

Headphones are seen in front of a logo of online music streaming service Spotify in this illustration picture

The lawsuit states that Spotify failed to “obtain the equivalent rights for the compositions”. The lawsuit continues, saying: “As a result, Spotify has built a billion dollar business on the backs of songwriters and publishers whose music Spotify is using, in many cases without obtaining and paying for the necessary licenses”.

Wixen also alleges that the music streaming giant has “knowingly, intentionally, and repeatedly” over the internet to residents in California.


Software Tips and Tricks

Download Spotify Songs without Horseshit

There is a lot of malware which want to steal your Spotify premium account or steal your private information such as phone number, windows key and more. Now I want to talk about solutions which are working when it comes to the question ‘how can I download Spotify songs?”. Some of the solutions are even open source!


First of all… why?

Downloading songs offline is still a thing even in 2017 because sometimes you simply have no internet connection or you have no unlimited data plan. So downloading a song and playing it while you’re offline is a feature which spotify doesn’t offer – There is a feature which is called ‘offline mode’ but this requires already that there is an active internet connection to download a cached copy of the file itself on your device. The thing is you might want to transfer the song to another device without internet or you simply forgot to download the song – so what then?

Pirating the songs would be one option but you might already have a premium account or not want the risk by a drive-by infection.

How does the Spotify ripping work?

Basically the ripping works by re-encoding the file which means that there will be quality loss compared to the original file, this mostly works via lame encoder or ffmpeg. Spotify does not encrypt the mp3/flac files itself – The encryption only ensures that you can’t download the song directly – so we have to convert the file.

Spotify (by default) offers two quality options, High (free) = 160kbps and Extreme (only available on premium) = 320kbps. And there will be lossless too (flac). On mobile devices and bad internet it automatically gets reduced to 128 kbps.

[CA] Spotify Ripper

Spotify Ripper is open source and it’s coded by chrisand1998. The program works on Windows and unless other programs it works without having a premium account or without using a phone number.

[CA] Spotify Ripper
[CA] Spotify Ripper works via lame encoder. It’s open source.
The program is very easy to use, start it, record your Spotify song and that’s it – easy isn’t it?! Well, for me it wasn’t easy cause the program was crashing during the start. So I looked into the source code and submitted my changes to the developer, hopefully we see a fixed version soon. This effects especially Windows 10 due some .NET Framework related changes.

Playlist Converter

Basically the page converts your playlist/song which allows you then to import it to other services e.g. from Deezer to Spotify. You also can give the page single songs and it will convert it to a format which you can download. There also several tools which do exactly the same.


Another open source alternative to the Ripper, probably the most well solution. You can convert your Spotify playlist in a Deezer playlist, then just use DeezLoadr to download it.

The benefit of doing all this is that the files you get ar DRM free and there is no limitation, you can play them as often as you want or copy them on other devices.

Android Applications

Android: Spotify without Ads

Yep! It’s here the first real open source Spotify alternative for Android, I’m not gonna lie, it’s good that we have such option because sometimes adblocking doesn’t prevent the bad guys to get your data or they simply bypass it via https. Remember that ads might be infected! – So now we have something to eat – some Dogfood!

Spotify Dogfood
The official Dogfood Logo