YouTube Music: PayforPlay Strategy

Lyor Cohen is a well-known in the music business, Bloomberg interviewed him and what he had to say was incredible stupid. He blames YouTube (and other platforms) to violate copyrights and not pay artists enough money, while this is true the argumentation is just ridiculous. Pay for Play concept Cohen states that Google/YouTube has a... Continue Reading →

Spotify warns ‘hacked apps’ user that their Account gets banned

TorrentFreak reports that Spotify users which using 'hacked apps' getting a warning eMail which tells you that "abnormal activity" has been observed from the user's software and if you don't stop it your account might get banned. I wonder how Spotify will do this especially if you can simply re-create another fake account?! Modded Spotify Apps Spotify... Continue Reading →

Spotify v1.0.75.483 with design improvements

The latest Spotify version fixes several smaller issue, this is nothing which deserves some attention but the design was changed a little bit which got my attention because I do believe it improves the usability of the entire application. Small design changes The menu and the top of the application wastes a lot of... Continue Reading →

Spotify slapped with massive $1.6 billion lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed on December 29 and alleges that Spotify has infringed on copyright by using thousands of their songs without a proper license, with WMP seeking at least $1.6 billion in damages and injunctive relief. The lawsuit states that Spotify failed to "obtain the equivalent rights for the compositions". The lawsuit continues, saying:... Continue Reading →

Download Spotify Songs without Horseshit

There is a lot of malware which want to steal your Spotify premium account or steal your private information such as phone number, windows key and more. Now I want to talk about solutions which are working when it comes to the question 'how can I download Spotify songs?". Some of the solutions are even... Continue Reading →

Android: Spotify without Ads

Yep! It's here the first real open source Spotify alternative for Android, I'm not gonna lie, it's good that we have such option because sometimes adblocking doesn't prevent the bad guys to get your data or they simply bypass it via https. Remember that ads might be infected! - So now we have something to... Continue Reading →

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