Intel’s upcoming CPU’s aren’t (fully) patched against Spectre Variant 4

Intel introduced hardware-based "safeguards" and 'additional' protections to its new chips to protect against the Spectre and Meltdown flaws that shocked the silicon industry when the vulnerabilities were made public earlier this year. However, those protections are specific to V2 and V3, and will not impact the newly-discovered Variant 4 as well as other potential speculative execution... Continue Reading →

Intel’s Microcode Revision Guidance for April 2018: 9 architectures won’t getting updates

Intel seems to change its mind, the latest Microcode Revision Guidance for April 2018 removed 9 architectures from the support list. In Intel's announcement, the company mentions some security enhancements. Removed and unsupported “After a comprehensive investigation of the microarchitectures and microcode capabilities for these products, Intel has determined to not release microcode updates for these products for... Continue Reading →

AMD Vs. CTS-Labs – Topic Closed

AMD responded in a community post what's really behind the claims from CTS-Labs - AMD makes it very clear that the issues identified by CTS-Labs research have very less to do with Meltdown & Spectre security holes, but there also telling us that these are associated with the firmware that manages the AMD Secure Processor (PSP)... Continue Reading →

Microsoft released KB4091663 & KB4091664 – Microcode Updates are rolling out

Microsoft, HP, Asus, ASRock & Co. rolling microcode updates out right now, ensure you checked if there is an BIOS update for you or not. Now, a bit late already Windows Build 1607 (Anniversary Update) and 1703 (Creators Update) getting Microcode Updates for all Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake systems - the download of KB4091663 & KB4091664 is manual... Continue Reading →

Spectre compromises the safe zone created by Intel SGX – Fix is already here

All newer Intel microprocessors are provided with Software Guard Extensions (SGX) which allow software programs to run in their own little safe corner of the processor. These safe areas are created on demand and have their own memory, isolated from other system software like hypervisors and the operating system itself. Ohio State University researchers have uncovered a... Continue Reading →

Intel is working on another microcode update against Meltdown & Spectre

Intel has announced that it has released production microcode updates to OEM manufacturers for Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, and Skylake platforms. And they have finally given us a schedule and availability table for the microcode revisions that can be found here. This update is already a bit late which means Intel is behind their own schedule but... Continue Reading →

Linux Kernel 4.15 against Meltdown & Spectre

Linus Torvalds released the final version of the first Linux kernel with Meltdown & Spectre fixes, the new version 4.15 comes with over 1000 changesets and this is mostly to address the current security issue. The new Kernel is now more compatible with VR and the free AMDgpu driver got implemented which means AMD Vega... Continue Reading →

KB4078130 reverts Spectre Variant 2 Patch

Meltdown and Spectre patches will be handled in the future by the OS (not the CPU) as I reported earlier last week already but Microsoft now released another patch which solves boot issue - KB4078130 (24 Kilobytes "huge" update) got released two days ago - disables the mitigation against Spectre, Variant 2 on all supported... Continue Reading →

Even with Meltdown & Spectre – Intel on a new high + new promises

I can't believe it, even with the Meltdown and Spectre leaks intel is on a new selling record. The stock exploded right after the Intel announcement that there will be a Meltdown & Spectre secure CPU release this year - which btw isn't enabled by default. According to CEO Brian Krzanich Intel is getting this... Continue Reading →

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