Playstation 4 Emulator on the horizon

Orbital is AlexAltea (Alexandro Sanchez) latest GitHub project which virtualize the PS 4 1.76 kernel to get the Playstation 4 emulation running (LLE emulation). One of the project goal is to get commercial games emulated under Windows, macOS and Linux. Before you get hyped here is a Warning Even though the PS4 does have an x86 CPU... Continue Reading →

PlayStation 5 Specs & Details Leaked – NOPE!

The news about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 console and possible specs are only rumors, several pages already starting to say that this is the final product and the final specs without mention any source except naming a developer kit. First "Details" Shared in $1,000 Article The rumor comes via a site called SemiAccurate (via ResetEra), which has... Continue Reading →

Sony released final Playstation 4 5.50 Firmware

Sony finally released the new 5.50 firmware, which was tested over several weeks, then rolled out as beta for everyone and now got the approval to revive as update for everyone. What's new? Version 5.50 is a mandatory update and is around 460 MB big and it brings new organizational features, additional parental controls, and... Continue Reading →

Sony Playstation 4 fully cracked, Jailbreak Hits Firmware 4.55

The developer 'Qwertyoruiop',  released yesterday a fully working exploit for Sony's PS 4 Firmware 4.55 on GitHub. On top, there's news of an interesting 'payload' quietly circulating. Hack opens ways for pirated games and allows hombrew applications Confirmation of what it does from Wololo: “When run in combination with the recently released exploit for PS4 4.55, Holy Grail... Continue Reading →

PS5 release date rumours – The road so far

Is Sony already working on a PS5? Almost certainly, and there are plenty of rumours circulating about the mystery console. Possible Specs Sony is a major purveyor of 4K Blu-ray discs, which means 4K is already a 'must'. 8K is already knocking on the door and it maybe even supports at least video-playback in 8K with... Continue Reading →

PlayStation 4 Jailbreak Might be Coming Soon

Specter released a PS4 4.05 kernel exploit to GitHub today and stated it will allow jailbreaking and kernel-level modification to the PS4 system. However, they are not providing code that allows for homebrew or pirating games. With that said, I'm sure others will be more than willing to utilize this exploit to do just that. Requirements USB... Continue Reading →

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