BleachBit 2.0 Review

BleachBit is a free and open source alternative to CCleaner. The program original was designed for Linux back in 2008 and is written in Python, it got later with v0.5.0 a second life with the announcement that it supports Windows XP. The program was improved over the years and new features were added, like support... Continue Reading →

YouTube Video Downloader Pro Review

YouTube Downloader Pro (short: YTD Pro) is a universal video download application which allows you to download and watch videos quickly. The original program started with YouTube support but in the meantime, the YTD Pro evolved and supported many other platforms like Facebook, PornHub, and others. Overview The program needs minimum Windows XP in order... Continue Reading →

Th3inspector is a Information Gathering Tool – Review

Moham3dRiahi coded a little open source program which exists in order to gather information. Th3inspector Tool allows you to easily get some basic or advance information about a Website, eMail, phone number etc.   Program Overview & Features The developer was so kind to make a quick YouTube video in order to show what this tool is... Continue Reading →

Patch My PC Review

PSI is dead and people keep asking me what do I recommend, the answer is SUMo but there is also Patch My PC which actually really do update your applications with a single click. Program Overview Patch My PC was founded in 2011 by Justin Chalfant. Their official website shows 7 people involved in this product... Continue Reading →

FreeTube Review

FreeTube is an open source desktop YouTube HTML5 player built with privacy in mind. You can watch your favorite YouTube videos ad-free as well as prevent Google from tracking what you watch. That is the developer promise, we will see if he holds what he promises and please keep in mind that the application is... Continue Reading →

CompactGUI: Compress your Games & Applicatons to gain some SSD space

CompactGUI is a must have tool for Windows and Gamers, that is for sure but it also can help the normal user to compress larger applications, the benefit is that you save a lot of storage and the application might load faster. CompactGUI The program is free and open source, it's available on GitHub. The... Continue Reading →

VT Hash Check – VirusTotal’s best friend

Today I write a little review about VT Hash Check which I think can be a useful little utility for Windows users, it's always good to get a second opinion, especially in the www and with more and more upcoming malware these days. I think it can be useful if you often work with unknown... Continue Reading →

ScreenToGif Review

Is this the best portable solution to capture and edit gifs? Who knows there is only one way to figure it out. About the program ScreenToGif is a portable lightweight program which is free for non-commercial use. The source code is on GitHub together with a documentation (wiki). The program itself basically has four main... Continue Reading →

Don’t Sleep Review

Don't Sleep is a little util from Nenad Hrg which is the creator of, his programs are similar to the ones from NirSoft, small, fast and portable! No ads or other gimmicks in it and that's exactly what I like. Overview The software is small not even 150 KB big and it's portable, just... Continue Reading →

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