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Cellebrite unlocks any Android or iOS Device

Cellebrite claims in their own PDF that they have now the technology needed to unlock any iPhone which includes the new iPhone 8 as well as Andriod phones, there is no list given but every phone could be affected (theoretically).

Unlock any phone


Protect your Health from Cell Phone Radiation

Yes, it’s true we finally got a proof that Cell Phone Radiation has an influence on our health. This is however not new there were studies and counter-studies to proof or deny it but the recent study seems really shocking, it not only has a negative effect on your overall health it also increases the risk to get brain cancer by up to 40% when you use your smartphone only half of an our per day.

Text more speak less seems the new deal here. Picture:

Self-healing phone screen can fix itself in 24 hours

Now that mobile phones have become a necessity in everyday life and a very large amount of the population carry the device, a common thought across people’s minds is the breaking of your precious phone screen and the annoyance of having to go and get it replaced. Luckily, we are making advancements in phone screen technology to prevent the breaking from occurring in the first place as well as now a much more possible solution, self-regenerative phone screens.

Broken Smartphone screen


Smartphone’s fighting cybercrime

Like bullets fired from a gun, photos can be traced to individual smartphones, opening up new ways to prevent identity theft.


A University at Buffalo-led team of researchers has discovered how to identify smartphones by examining just one photo taken by the device. The advancement opens the possibility of using smartphones — instead of body parts — as a form of identification to deter cybercrime.