Microsoft can ban you from their services if you use too much ‘offensive language’

Microsoft has updated its Microsoft Services Agreement yesterday with one of the new policies banning "offensive language" on it's services. The new changes go into effect May 1st  and cover all Microsoft services including, Skype & Xbox Live. Or in other words, every service which requires you to login with an Microsoft Account in order to use MS own... Continue Reading →

Lemme fix: Skype 8 is horrible – Here is how you downgrade to 7

Skype 8 is like Windows 8, a nightmare and half-done, so 7 seems our number in Windows and Skype, this little 'lemme fix' shows you how you downgrade your Skype version to fix your Skype/Microsoft created problems. What's wrong with Skype 8? In short: The design and usability. It looks like half done and some... Continue Reading →

Skype Alternatives which deserves a mention

Skype - Microsoft - rumours .. spying - fake news - no proof. This is in short what you find when you google for secure communication alternatives. But none of the articles on the entire internet actually can proof anything, similar like the wrongly spread Windows spying story - The problem is that people have... Continue Reading →

Skype getting end-to-end encryption

Skype will use the Signal protocol, also used in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others. Skype does already offer some degree of encryption that protects the communication channel itself. But end-to-end encryption is more secure. It means the contents of messages can only be read by the sender and recipient; they don’t just sit around on Microsoft’s servers.... Continue Reading →

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