Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake or Kaby-Lake motherboards – Yes it works, but…

Intel officially says that you can't run Coffee-Lake CPUs on Kaby-Lake systems because the voltages are increased, which is not incorrect but you still can manage with - some risks - to get the new CPU running on the older 100/200 chipsets.     Guide available The user elisw from the win-raid forum was so kind... Continue Reading →

KB4090007 brings the latest Microcode Update for Intel CPUs

KB4090007 is an update which is optional and can be downloaded manually. The update is for Skylake H/S, Skylake U/Y & Skylake U23e for the 6. Generation. You find more details about it here, here or on my Blog, Microsoft itself hasn't updated their own KB-Article page yet. Download windows10.0-kb4090007-x64.msu around 978 KB windows10.0-kb4090007-x86.msu around 967 KB Final... Continue Reading →

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