Chrome Is Scanning Files on Your Computer – what you really need to know

A lot of security experts went into panic mode when Kelly Shortridge showed on Twitter that her files are been scanned by Chrome. Even the files which aren't in a special folder like Documents or the Windows dir. She and others started to ask why Google is going to scan private files - but is Google... Continue Reading →

Firefox Container Guide

Mozilla advertise their container feature/addon wrongly as a cure against Facebook tracking, in my guide I will explain you in detail why this is wrong and what the Container feature really have to do with 'increasing your online privacy'. What are Containers and how can they protect you? First of all, Containers itself won't protect... Continue Reading →

TLS 1.3 has a Trust Problem

The final version (draft) for TLS 1.3 is ready, the problem is that several organization, especially from the USA and several banking pages & Anti-Virus developers, constantly fighting the upcoming (and most secure) protocol. Who will be in control?! TLS 1.3 vs TLS 1.2 The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the group that has been... Continue Reading →

Private Internet Access Client v78 is out

The new released Private Internet Access Client v78 comes with several changes, the GUI is now 'snappier' than ever. The taskbar icon got some changes, you see now a high DPI picture which also indicates with a small checkmark if you're secured or not. Changelog As you can see the righ-click menu is now more... Continue Reading →

VPN providers which leaking your real IP due WebRTC

The WebRTC story isn't new and since 2015 everyone should already aware of it, sadly some VPN providers still haven't addressed this problem. A simple configuration change on their server configuration can already prevent it, but seems some services are still weak and at the end it's up to the user to react on it... Continue Reading →

A bad week for Facebook – Four separate lawsuits in one week

Following the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal which involved the firm improperly acquiring information from more than 50 million Facebook users. A lot of Internet users and companies alike have expressed their distaste with the way Facebook has handled the situation. Four lawsuits in one week following Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal Two days ago Mozilla opted to pull their... Continue Reading →

Edword Snowden reveals that Bitcoin and Blockchain are monitored since the beginning

It's not really a surprise anymore, since basically everything will be abused and monitored - if possible - but for those which aren't involved in the security topics - Edward Snowden is behind the new information writings by The Intercept revealing that the NSA has been tracking Bitcoin users since 2013. Snowden has classified documentation... Continue Reading →

How To remove or block certificates in Windows

The following tutorial works on every Windows, from 7 up to 10 so don't worry if the screenshots looking slightly different but the process is exactly the same. But why should you remove some certificates? Simply to avoid spying or traffic redirects and other certificate frauds. Why should you remove or mess manually with certificates?... Continue Reading →

Telegram cracked and soon illegal in Russia?

According to Tass, Telegram is now forced provide information to law enforcement agencies. This could mean there forced by the Russian government to decrypt some or in the worst case all messages. Overview Telegram was founded by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov, and has become a popular alternative to other apps like WhatsApp or Signal, especially in... Continue Reading →

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