Using Matrix (Riot Client) for 1 year now – The road so far

After using (Matrix) Riot-Client for a quite some time, (over a year from now) I decided to share my own opinion on the current progress and state. What is Matrix? If you haven’t used Matrix before, It’s a electron based instant messaging protocol which supports many features you would expect from an IM platform today... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Tox Messenger

Tox Messenger was or still is another popular Messenger alternative to Telegram & Co. The project was more known for it's members rather than the messenger itself.     What exactly went wrong with Tox? I'll make it quick and try to summarize the facts. One of the leader members (now ex) stole 3000 dollars donated money... Continue Reading →

eMail is broken – Here is what you can do about it

Email is broken and this is not a news but before we start to make a complaint, what alternatives do we have and how we deal with the problem? Is it possible to use eMail without exposing out identify or is eMail something what we should avoid using? This article will cover all of these... Continue Reading →

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