Reddit gets a Night Mode

The company on Friday announced their own “Night Mode” feature, which works pretty much exactly like YouTube’s solution. Once you turn on Night Mode, Reddit’s default white color scheme will be inverted, and any black text will convert to white or light grey text.

Reddit Night Modejpg
Reddit’s new Night Mode. Picture Source Reddit Blog

Are there any good Reddit shredder for overwriting comments?

Since Reddit is tracking it’s user more and more you might ask yourself which options you have in order to escape this permanent surveillance. There are a bunch of good scripts and utilities in to make Reddit’s life harder, delete your history and comments is a good start.



Facebook is on the sinking ship – oh, don’t worry Reddit will replace it

Hating every social media these days is a new thing, so let’s get it over with. Facebook has their own tracking “problems” but if you think Reddit or other platforms are better then read the article in order to see what Reddit does to it’s users/community.

Reddit spying


Reddit doesn’t accept Bitcoin anymore

The widely read social media site will no longer accept Bitcoin as payment for its Reddit Gold program. The change was made because Coinbase discontinuing its Merchant Tool product.

Reddit Bitcoin


Browse Reddit from your terminal with Reddit Terminal Viewer

Damn this project looks impressive, that’s what I was thinking when I found it on GitHub. The project is open source and under the MIT license.

Reddit Terminal Viewer in action – Picture Source