ProtonMail now officially supports IMAP/SMTP

ProtonMail, lemme think, ah that rings a bell, right! Good support - offers a fantastic VPN and of course most people known the service for it's email service. ProtonMail now ends a long beta test and rolls out some useful new features for everyone, IMAP & SMTP support are only one of these new changes.... Continue Reading →

eMail is broken – Here is what you can do about it

Email is broken and this is not a news but before we start to make a complaint, what alternatives do we have and how we deal with the problem? Is it possible to use eMail without exposing out identify or is eMail something what we should avoid using? This article will cover all of these... Continue Reading →

Unofficial ProtonMail app works without Browser!

Well, some of you might not want to read eMails via Browser (like me) and prefer Thunderbird or other eMail solutions to read and send eMails. ProtonMail Desktop is an unofficial app that emulates a native client for the ProtonMail eMail service. The app works fine and it's same secure as reading it in the Browser.... Continue Reading →

ProtonMail Bridge is here!

ProtonMail + Thunderbird = impossible?! Well, until now! ProtonMail Bridge integrates ProtonMail email accounts in normal desktop email clients such as Thunderbird, MS Outlook or Apple Mail. First the bad news first, you only can add ONE account, for more accounts you have to unlock a paid plan. You will see something like "Please upgrade to... Continue Reading →

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