How Advertising Malware smuggles Malware into the Google Play Store

"Always download apps from the official app store." - that's what people arguing in order to stay away from malware but is this true? Several malware was already found during the past years within the official Store, Google reacted and hardened their systems, as a result, your device gets regularly scanned in order to find malware... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox installs a strange looking addon without asking for permission

The recent Firefox version silently installs an addon you might not like. It calls itself 'Looking Glass' - Mozilla says it's part of their Shield Studies. // Basic addon info { "name": "Looking Glass", "version": "1.0.3", "isActive": false, "id": "" } Addon info reads: Looking Glass version 1.0.3 MY REALITY IS JUST FIFFERENT FROM YOURS... Continue Reading →

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