Private Internet Access proves again that they don’t keep logs!

PIA is one of my favorite provider when it comes to VPN’s, it’s reliable and one of the oldest providers I’m aware of. TorrentFreak again writes an article about the current findings based on the story back from 2017. This is now the second time PIA was inspected and it shows yet again that you can trust them.

PIA No Logs
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PIA starts it’s Beta Program

Well, my the news on this is a bit late because I wasn’t aware of it but it seems that Private Internet Access now has an official beta program which allows you to opt-in into all PIA beta clients such as the Android app or the Windows app.


PIA Beta program
After you opt-in you get eMail notifications. There is sadly no notification through the beta-program itself.
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Private Internet Access Software goes Open Source

Private Internet Access (PIA) made a big step forward by releasing their Software as open source today. The announcement page also mentioned that the Browse extensions also getting released on GitHub too. The client-side software will be rolled-out in waves over the next five months.

Private Internet Access Open Source