GeForce GTX 2080, GTX 2070, GTX 1180 and GTX 1170 expected for GTC 2018

Nvidia's latest graphics cards will be the Ampere generation and these cards going to be announced at GTC 2018. Nvidia should be launching their new cards in late April or at the beginning of May - traditionally there hosted an Editor's Day to unveil their new GeForce graphics cards, rumors already saying that Nvidia might not show... Continue Reading →

NVIDIA: Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2018

NVIDIA has just published their financials from fiscal 2018, and they are as you would expect and what a surprise nVidia had a record year with GAAP earnings up 41% (!) from last year, making their revenue $9.71 billion.  The announcement does not say what areas Nvidia had what gain in The most important details are missing,... Continue Reading →

nVidia’s Power Management explained

Ghacks wrote an wrong article about how NVidia's Power Management work, I'm here to correct the false statements in the mentioned article. Does nVidia's Power management improve Windows performance? No, what it does is basically it regulates the 3D clock speed when it's needed. It's not only Ghacks that spreads the myth that 3D mode... Continue Reading →

NVIDIA Wants Retailers to Sell GeForce GPUs to Gamers – Not Miners!

NVIDIA has published some of their thoughts on the GPU pricing situation - speaking with ComputerBase, spokesman Boris Bohles thinks that gamers, not miners, are more deserving of their products and that retailers should better meet their needs. There is no indication that NVIDIA will actually engage trading partners to ensure this happens, however. "For NVIDIA, gamers... Continue Reading →

nVidia GeForce 390.65 WHQL fixes CVE-2017-5753

Short news: The latest nVidia Driver 390.65 WHQL fixes CVE-2017-5753 (aka Spectre). Gaming Technology Adds support for NVIDIA Freestyle which lets you apply post-processing filters to your games while you play. R390.65 (r390_63-2) / (1-3-2018) Added or updated the following SLI profiles: DIRT 4 Total War: WARHAMMER II X-Morph: Defense Software Module Versions nView - 148.92 HD... Continue Reading →

Display Driver Uninstaller Review

Sometimes it can be pain in the ass to uninstall a driver and you get a lot of troubles - DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) is designed to solve all of this, it's designed (in case of troubles) to remove the nVidia driver + all the other programs it installs, like GeForce Experience, HD Audio and... Continue Reading →

Nvidia ends support for 32-bit operating system drivers

2017 could go down as the year that marked the descent of x86 32-bit support. Ubuntu 17.10 dropped their 32-bit desktop ISO, Ubuntu Server is now dropping their 32-bit installer, and more. Now NVIDIA Corp is announcing they are ending 32-bit support for their graphics driver. NVIDIA will be ending 32-bit operating system support in its entirety... Continue Reading →

Nvidia Releases Playunknown’s Battlegrounds Game Ready Driver

Nvidia has released their last game ready driver of the year and it's for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. To install fire up GeForce Experience and click the "Drivers" tab. Now, PUBG is exiting Early Access with a new desert map, a new, game-changing vaulting mechanic, new guns, new vehicles, a replay system, a death cam, tweaks to the original... Continue Reading →

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