nVidia released DisplayPort 1.3 & 1.4 UEFI Firmware update for Maxwell and Pascal cards

nVidia released another Driver yesterday 398.11 WHQL, yawn nothing special I can tell, the important news is that there is also an update regarding DisplayPort (DP) which is interesting because this might also bring some improvements. Like G-Sync HDR support for Maxwell & Pascal graphics cards together with a black screen fix. Driver 398.11 You... Continue Reading →

Nvidia’s Turing based GTX 1180 Founders Edition set for July?

Ever since the GTX 1180 rumour mill whirred to life earlier this year and started churning through the daily grind of rumour and speculation, the release date for Nvidia’s Turing family has been in a constant state of flux. Originally, TweakTown reported that we’d have them by April (this year). Well, it’s the almost the end of... Continue Reading →

nVidia’s latest 397.93 Driver needs the GeForce Experience folder in it to de-bloat it

nVidia released today another driver, besides the usual bugfixes it has something new in it, the Setup requires now - no matter what - you to keep the GeForce Experience folder within the same dir as the Setup.exe - or you get an error. Before someone cries, it's because changes of the Setup.exe itself -... Continue Reading →

nVidia ends x86 support and puts Femi-based GPU support to Legacy Status

NVIDIA has now official ended mainstream graphics driver support for Fermi-based GeForce GPUs. The company is also following up on their promise back from December 2017 about dropping mainstream driver support for 32-bit (x86) operating systems. No Game Ready improvements or other changes nVidia will no longer receive Game Ready driver enhancements, performance optimizations or bugfixes. However, they... Continue Reading →

Planned Obsolescence? Reports showing Memory Inductors Are Frequently Burning Out on Certain NVIDIA GPUs

Seems hating nVidia is a new kind of 'fun' these days, but some random people reporting especially on 780/780 Ti/Titan(XM)/980Ti cards that the memory inductors are burning out. This means the card suddenly dies. I'm not really sure what's behind this because this can happen with every other card too. If you do an image... Continue Reading →

nVidia Nvidia Geforce 391.24 solves MPC-HC & Firefox issue but comes with AV BSOD problems

Oh boy, here we go again I wish I could report something positive these days but I can't - well at last the latest nVidia driver fixed a Firefox and MPC-HC (Media Player) issue. Firefox and the TDR problem The way I see things is that Firefox puts great pressure on the GPU for some... Continue Reading →

Is Nvidia’s GeForce affiliate program hurting customers?

Nvidia is being accused of pushing a new affiliate program that could ultimately hurt consumers but is that really true? The news coming from HardOCP and there are several opened question in the original story. Drama or not? Nvidia stated in a blog post last week that in an "effort to better serve gamers," there changing several... Continue Reading →

NVIDIA Turing replaces Pascal Generation?!

According to Tom's Hardware we're going to see that gaming and HPC platform gets separated, HPC will see Nvidia's Ampere while the gaming section gets an entire new architecture called 'Turing'. Multiple independent sources have told THG that Nvidia may well give us a tiny teaser of what they've got coming at GTC 2018, but... Continue Reading →

NVIDIA Freestyle works on almost all Games

NVIDIA Freestyle is a new feature which was added in the first Beta Driver for this year, officially not every game is supported, there is a list which shows which game are supported. Freestyle is a better version (more or less) of VibranceGUI, ReShade or SweetFX which enhanced your contracts, gamma and more with filters - these... Continue Reading →

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