The NSA does not need Backdoors

There are often rumors and wrong statements when it comes to the backdoor discussion, some people say that NSA and other agencies definitely need backdoors in encryption or software in order to get the data. This myth seems now debunked based on the article from Wired which comes with the title: The NSA Is Building the Country's... Continue Reading →


Encryption Tools & Algorithm the NSA & Co. still can’t crack

Lot's of people often gave agencies too many credits because of Snowden and other whistleblower leaks but GCHQ & Co. don't have unlimited power over every program, connections or algorithm. In my little guide here I show what NSA still can't crack based on researches and leaks. All might NSA, GCHQ & Co. Most of... Continue Reading →

Edword Snowden reveals that Bitcoin and Blockchain are monitored since the beginning

It's not really a surprise anymore, since basically everything will be abused and monitored - if possible - but for those which aren't involved in the security topics - Edward Snowden is behind the new information writings by The Intercept revealing that the NSA has been tracking Bitcoin users since 2013. Snowden has classified documentation... Continue Reading →

Modded NSA Exploits Work on All Microsoft Operating Systems Since Windows 2000

Another Day and another leak - Yes we are still seen waves coming from the NSA exploit leakage last year - Am I worried, hell no because the good thing is that the holes getting detected and we can fix it! So the good thing is that people getting a higher attention because the word... Continue Reading →

NSA: Next Six Years of Spying Powers

The House of Representatives have voted to expand the NSA’s surveillance powers for another six years. Many consider the bill to be a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment, as it endorses warrantless collection of Americans’ emails, chat logs, and other personal communications. This is a disappointment to EFF and all our supporters who, for... Continue Reading →

TLS 1.3 get’s blocked by Cisco, Avast & NSA

The latest TLS 1.3 draft has several issues which needs to be solved - those problems are related to Cisco, Avast and the NSA. The reason why TLS 1.3 isn't official released are problems - Middleboxes. Devices like some Canon printers or Browsers (like Chrome which supports the latest draft) dropping the TLS connection. The... Continue Reading →

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