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Intel’s Microcode Revision Guidance for April 2018: 9 architectures won’t getting updates

Intel seems to change its mind, the latest Microcode Revision Guidance for April 2018 removed 9 architectures from the support list. In Intel’s announcement, the company mentions some security enhancements.

Intel Microcode Revision Guidance April 2018

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Microsoft released KB4091663 & KB4091664 – Microcode Updates are rolling out

Microsoft, HP, Asus, ASRock & Co. rolling microcode updates out right now, ensure you checked if there is an BIOS update for you or not. Now, a bit late already Windows Build 1607 (Anniversary Update) and 1703 (Creators Update) getting Microcode Updates for all Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake systems – the download of KB4091663 & KB4091664 is manual which means you won’t get the Update for your system over Windows Update.

Microsoft Microcode Updates


KB4090007 brings the latest Microcode Update for Intel CPUs

KB4090007 is an update which is optional and can be downloaded manually. The update is for Skylake H/S, Skylake U/Y & Skylake U23e for the 6. Generation. You find more details about it here, here or on my Blog, Microsoft itself hasn’t updated their own KB-Article page yet.



Intel updates the Microcode BIOS list again

Intel updated yesterday his microcode list to address an issue to resolve the known reboot problem.

Intel Microcode Revision List for Client's
Latest microcode revision list. Picture: Intel

Intel has released microcode update v20180108 with Meltdown & Spectre fixes

Intel has released microcode update v20180108 with Meltdown & Spectre fixes for some CPU families. Of the 94 microcodes in the previous release (v20171117), 19 have been modified in this release; I verified this with a file comparison-by-contents program.

Identify your current microcode ID.
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Get latest CPU microcode without modding the BIOS

First of all this is for expert users and you should not do it, it’s more a theoretically guidance in case you want to test another microcode.


I do not recommed this method, it’s only to show how you theoretically update the microcode the mopst easiest way.