How Advertising Malware smuggles Malware into the Google Play Store

"Always download apps from the official app store." - that's what people arguing in order to stay away from malware but is this true? Several malware was already found during the past years within the official Store, Google reacted and hardened their systems, as a result, your device gets regularly scanned in order to find malware... Continue Reading →

New California Law Finally Makes Ransomware official Illegal

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed last Monday two bills into law that criminalize the possession of ransomware. Up to three-year prison sentence, respectively is what you get if you possess any ransomware software. Legislators initially sought a ten years prison sentence but this was knocked down to three years in subsequent deliberations.   Closed loopholes The... Continue Reading →

Do you really need HTTPS Everywhere extension?

It isn't a must-have extension (in my opinion) and it can break some websites but it can be beneficial if it works. I remember it used to very popular and the popularity died down a bit because certificates are very cheap these days. I once used it and liked it at the time, but I... Continue Reading →

Loapi trojan can physical damage your Android

This is a new level of trojan, it is not just another one, it's a swiss army knife when if comes to features because if offers so many of them. Kaspersky found the trojan first and wars about its behavior. Fake Apps If you're not careful enough you get this new trojan by installing fake... Continue Reading →

Process Doppelgänging: Bypasses all Anti-Virus and works on all Windows Versions

A new day - another malware. Well, this one is maybe a bit different, it bypasses all Windows mechanism and even all well-known Anti-Virus programs such as Windows Defender, Kaspersky Labs, ESET NOD32, Symantec, Trend Micro, Avast, McAfee, AVG, Panda + even advance forensic tools. The new fileless code injection technique takes advantage of a built-in... Continue Reading →

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