LibreOffice 6.0.0

The new LibreOffice 6.0.0 is announced today, the release note can be found here or as short overview here.



LibreOffice 6.0.0 RC3 – it’s almost done boys!

Hooo-ly Negan! That was what I was thinking when I installed the latest LibreOffice 6.0.0 RC 3, it’s fast it’s sexy and it bloody works! LibreOffice, I have to admit I’m totally a fanboy of this product, shame on me I know but I’m just being honest with you guys.


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First LibreOffice 6.0 beta is out – Here is what’s new

LibeOffice is one of my favourite open source alternative to Microsoft Office and there are important news – with the new version 6.0 we getting some neat new features and important fixes together with a facelift.

New LibeOffice 6.0 version with a new Logo!

The writer implementation got several fixes, which made it easier to insert text and format your text, images and input fields.