Lemme fix: Blurry Fonts on High-DPI Displays in Windows

It can be pain in the ass when you have a good monitor which displays the fonts blurry because your Windows OS or an application 'pixelrate' them. Many 1080p displays, especially smaller screens and laptops seem to suffer from blurry fonts e.g. under Windows. This little lemme fix shows what options you get in order to... Continue Reading →

Lemme Fix: Windows 10 updates forcing you to upgrade to Build 1709

Several pages reporting that Microsoft is forcing you to upgrade Windows 1703 (or an older build) to Build 1709. Several KB's are the cause here, because Microsoft added a UpdateOrchestrator & UpdateAssistant to the Windows Tasks Scheduler. It's definitely wrong that this has something to do with telemetry related settings because these two tasks are there no matter... Continue Reading →

Lemme fix: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update deletes automatically thumbnail cache

Since Windows 10 Fall Creators Update the thumbnail cache automatically gets deleted, this can be annoying and it creates unnecessary write cycles on your SSD which decrease the lifespan, it's not a drama but it's simply an unwanted behavior because the Explorer is forced to re-create the thumbnails again and again after each reboot. What... Continue Reading →

Lemme fix: Win 10 Fall Creators Update has a nasty habit of re-launching programs on reboot

Computerworld reports that Windows 10 Fall Creators update automatically re-opens your applications on each reboot, I could confirm this on a fresh installed Win 10 on a test laptop. In this little guide I give you a workaround until Microsoft changes it's mind and 'fix' their own mess, I still not understand why Microsoft made that... Continue Reading →

Lemme fix: Windows Denfender High CPU usage

Another week and another Lemme fix, this time we inspect Windows Defender, which might cause high CPU usage during the updates or even if you PC is in idle. The Antimalware Service Executable is causing the issue, aka MsMpEng.exe which can be seen in the Task Manager, you will notice a higher cpu usage, among higher... Continue Reading →

Do not download DLL Files manually

Websites that allow easy downloads of single DLL files seem like the answer you've been looking for when you get one of those annoying "DLL not found" or "DLL is missing" errors. Consider this your fair warning - DLL download sites should almost always be avoided, even though they sometimes provide a quick fix. There are... Continue Reading →

Lemme Fix: Keyboard Inputs aren’t working in Microsoft Edge, Start Menu, Cortana or Lock Screen

Another small article in my 'Lemme fix' episode which fixes the problem that some input methods aren't working, especially on Microsoft Edge, the Start Menu, Cortana or the Lock Screen. Symptoms Nothing happens if you try to type something in Microsoft Edge address bar or on the Lock Screen. Some goes for the Cortana Search... Continue Reading →

Windows isn’t shutting down? Try this!

Windows - you can love or hate it but you can't live without it. The recent updates might broke the shutdown process, which is not related to the hibernation system. It's simply a bug in the user login system (which might already getting fixed in the next update). You might already tried shutdown /s /f /t... Continue Reading →

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