Coffee Lake CPU’s – Core i5-8500 and Core i5-8600 listed

Intel gave us finally some more details on the new Coffe-Lake CPU's, at least we got the price now, the specs were already leaked several weeks ago. Coffee Lake CPUs range from $51 through to $220. Price list Core i5 8600 - $220 (k) Core i5 8500 - $200 Core i3 8300 - $135 Pentium... Continue Reading →

Intel is working on another microcode update against Meltdown & Spectre

Intel has announced that it has released production microcode updates to OEM manufacturers for Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, and Skylake platforms. And they have finally given us a schedule and availability table for the microcode revisions that can be found here. This update is already a bit late which means Intel is behind their own schedule but... Continue Reading →

Intel Shares some details of discrete GPU Prototype

PCGamer reports that Intel has shared a few diagrams at ISSCC (IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference) in San Francisco which were then shared online by Japanese site PCWatch and then it founds it's way into the internet. The leaked diagrams show a discrete graphics chip based on Intel's 9th generation graphics architecture, built on a 14 nm process... Continue Reading →

Identify your Intel HD & Iris Graphics Driver Codes

Maybe you want to install the drivers like I do, manually via Inf (Driver files) only and then you might need to identify which files are for your graphics card. If you haven't any Device description, manual or already installed driver you might want to identify which card is yours and you then see often... Continue Reading →

Intel’s 10-Nanometer Process Technology Explained

If you curious how the latest 10nm technology works, then you definitely read this article which got published by WikiChip which in-depth shows an overview of Intel’s 10nm process, which includes the latest insight from IEDM and ISSCC. The major changes include a 2.7x density increase from 14nm, 3rd-generation FinFET transistors and the adoption of cobalt... Continue Reading →

Howto extract Intel Chipset drivers

So, my friends, we are here because we want to know how we can easily extract the Intel chipset drivers. Why is that useful? In case you only want to install the .inf file or in case you want to extract the latest driver to integrate it into your NTLite creates Windows ISO.    ... Continue Reading →

Intel updates the Microcode BIOS list again

Intel updated yesterday his microcode list to address an issue to resolve the known reboot problem. Skylake only The updated microcodes are (for now) only for Skylake systems (Desktop's/Notebook's) and it's unclear if other (older) systems are following or not. The situation right now is really messed up because it takes a lot of time... Continue Reading →

Intel announced Xeon D-2100

After all the leaks and negative press, Intel seems to not give any shit - today Intel has announced a new processor the Xeon D-2100. The D-2100 is a low power SoC with a range of 4 to 18 cores, integrated PCH, up to 4 10Gb Ethernet ports, and a TDP of 60-110 watts. The... Continue Reading →

Intel Coffee Lake-S: Core i5-8600, i5-8500 & i3-8300 confirmed

A Material Declaration Data Sheet revealed the upcoming processors Intel CPUs Core i5-8600, i5-8500 & i3-8300, rumours were already there since the last two weeks.   AMD Intel Febr. 2018 Second Wave: Coffee Lake (14nm) April 2018 Pinnacle Ridge (Zen+ 12nm) Summer 2018 Threadripper 2 (Zen+ 12nm, HEDT) Q4/2018 Cascade Lake-X (14nm, HEDT) Begin of... Continue Reading →

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