Intel’s upcoming CPU’s aren’t (fully) patched against Spectre Variant 4

Intel introduced hardware-based "safeguards" and 'additional' protections to its new chips to protect against the Spectre and Meltdown flaws that shocked the silicon industry when the vulnerabilities were made public earlier this year. However, those protections are specific to V2 and V3, and will not impact the newly-discovered Variant 4 as well as other potential speculative execution... Continue Reading →

Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake or Kaby-Lake motherboards – Yes it works, but…

Intel officially says that you can't run Coffee-Lake CPUs on Kaby-Lake systems because the voltages are increased, which is not incorrect but you still can manage with - some risks - to get the new CPU running on the older 100/200 chipsets.     Guide available The user elisw from the win-raid forum was so kind... Continue Reading →

First Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware for Intel CNP 300-series is out

Station-Driver is as always ahead of other driver pages, the page listed a new Intel Managment Engine firmware for Intel 300-Series chipsets and shows again that it's worth supporting these guys behind it. Intel CNP 300-series The new Coffee-Lake chipsets for the consumer platform are listed here. Intel itself doesn't or only rarely provides firmware updates for... Continue Reading →

Vega 12 isn’t Intel’s Kaby-Lake-G GPU solution

A lot of speculation about AMD's Vega 12 solution made the round over the last two weeks, some said Vega 12 isn't Intel's new GPU solution others have said it definitely gets integrated into Intel's Kaby-Lake CPU in order to deliver the graphics. The secret seems now lifted and the rumors ended up wrong. Overview... Continue Reading →

Intel’s Microcode Revision Guidance for April 2018: 9 architectures won’t getting updates

Intel seems to change its mind, the latest Microcode Revision Guidance for April 2018 removed 9 architectures from the support list. In Intel's announcement, the company mentions some security enhancements. Removed and unsupported “After a comprehensive investigation of the microarchitectures and microcode capabilities for these products, Intel has determined to not release microcode updates for these products for... Continue Reading →

KB4100480 third attempt at a fix for the Meltdown security vulnerability

The out-of-band emergency update, KB4100480, was released by Microsoft last week to supplement a patch released in early March to address severe vulnerabilities accidentally introduced by Redmond's engineers in their January and February security updates for Meltdown on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 systems. It seems that this patch is far away from being 'finished'. A patch for a... Continue Reading →

ASMedia-USB-3.x Controller with Keylogger and Malware Risks

The story is over, it seems that it was a failed try to manipulate the stock market but besides this shameless try CTS-Labs still has some valid information to offer, and it shows that ASMedia-USB-3.x controller have several security flaws which allows attackers to abuse those controllers to deliver their keyloggers or malware code. Keylogger... Continue Reading →

Intel Financial Result Q4/2017

Intel made 17 billion dollars in one quarter, that's a new record even with the Spectre & Meltdown security breach and to be honest it's a miracle for me. AMD won some ground but Intel is still ruling the entire market with 65% market shares.  Overview Maybe it's because the announcement that Intel will deliver... Continue Reading →

Intel Coffee Lake: New Pentium, Celeron and Core coming April

Intel has confirmed that the new processors coming this April. The prices are as expected and we will see several new chipsets like Q370-, H370-, H310- and C246 which were already shown at the Embedded World 2018 Conference this year. Overview Overview chart with all new processors (the bold ones are the upcoming ones for April).... Continue Reading →

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