GDDR5 vs GDDR6 vs HBM2

According to the latest announcements Samsung started to produce GDDR6, so let's check the details and what is better. Samsung's GDDR6 memory is based on the company's 10-nanometer technology and offers double the density of the company's 20-nanometer GDDR5 offerings, meaning 16 gigabits instead of eight gigabits. The company promises an 18Gbps pin speed and transfer... Continue Reading →

Samsung’s HBM2: Next-gen GPUs with 32GB HBM2 with 1.2 TB/sec

Samsung has just announced its latest advancements in HBM2 technology at CES, something the company is calling "Aquabolt". This new HBM2 is much faster than the first spins of HBM2, where we're looking at bandwidth of an insane 2.4 Gbps and in 8-Hi-height (8GB) stacks which should see up to 32GB on next-gen graphics cards.... Continue Reading →

Rumor: AMD’s GPUs might get GDDR6 and HBM2

According to this reddit post which teases the LinkedIn page of an so called AMD technical engineer - it is saying they're working on a GDDR6 memory controller already. GDDR6 will see memory bandwidth cranked up to 16Gbps (as mentioned in the picture), up from the 11Gbps used on the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with... Continue Reading →

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