Nvidia’s Turing based GTX 1180 Founders Edition set for July?

Ever since the GTX 1180 rumour mill whirred to life earlier this year and started churning through the daily grind of rumour and speculation, the release date for Nvidia’s Turing family has been in a constant state of flux. Originally, TweakTown reported that we’d have them by April (this year). Well, it’s the almost the end of... Continue Reading →

AMD Radeon RX 500X Series

Seems it's official, the new AMD Radeon RX 500 are listed on AMD's website if you inspect the source code you see it lists the new series. The announcement page is still empty and acts like a placeholder. 500 models The following models are 'listed' which confirms TweakTown's statement. Back in September 2017, AMD announced that... Continue Reading →

Hardware prices, especially graphic cards getting even more expensive this year

Massdrop reports that the prices exploding, the problem is still crypt-mining and the memory shortage. The bad news here is that there is no end in sight. There is a couple of reason why there is a shortage and also such a high demand of cards. First the shortage. All new cell phones coming out... Continue Reading →

Intel Shares some details of discrete GPU Prototype

PCGamer reports that Intel has shared a few diagrams at ISSCC (IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference) in San Francisco which were then shared online by Japanese site PCWatch and then it founds it's way into the internet. The leaked diagrams show a discrete graphics chip based on Intel's 9th generation graphics architecture, built on a 14 nm process... Continue Reading →

Rumor: AMD’s GPUs might get GDDR6 and HBM2

According to this reddit post which teases the LinkedIn page of an so called AMD technical engineer - it is saying they're working on a GDDR6 memory controller already. GDDR6 will see memory bandwidth cranked up to 16Gbps (as mentioned in the picture), up from the 11Gbps used on the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with... Continue Reading →

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