Chrome Is Scanning Files on Your Computer – what you really need to know

A lot of security experts went into panic mode when Kelly Shortridge showed on Twitter that her files are been scanned by Chrome. Even the files which aren't in a special folder like Documents or the Windows dir. She and others started to ask why Google is going to scan private files - but is Google... Continue Reading →

Google will shut down URL shortener and replace it with dynamic links

Google official announced last Friday to shutdown the company's URL shortening service, this will start April 13, 2018. Existent links will continue to work, which means you are not able to add new links anymore. was started back in 2009. Any existent Browser extensions will also stop working after March 30, 2019. Why the URL shortener... Continue Reading →

Is Google banning ‘uncertified’ devices?

Recently reports telling that Google is banning several devices which are not certificated which means you won't get any apps or updates trough the official Google Play Store - the criticism is here that this might also bans several ROM's from receiving apps and their updates. But is this story really true? Conspiracy theories (yet... Continue Reading →

Google bans all cryptocurrency-related ads

Google is banning all online ads promoting cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings starting June 2018. In their announcement it's said that the financial policy will receive an update in order to ban ads for all cryptocurrency wallets and trading advice. What does the change mean? That means that even companies with legitimate cryptocurrency offerings won't be... Continue Reading →

Google is going to shutdown

Google is going to end the search domain, which means you're not able to search with this domain anymore after the April 30, 2018. According to Google the change will be made because every modern Browser automatically connecting (by default) to the secure URL. Why the change? Google created to give users a... Continue Reading →

Google changes their Search according to Data Protection Laws

I was just drinking my first coffee and POW! I got a Google popup, well first I was like 'meh another popup' but then I realized Google changed their search terms. This is not really a popup which you can suppress and you see it even if you're not logged in. It seems like it's... Continue Reading →

Google wants to push quantum computing mainstream with ‘Bristlecone’ chip

Google unveiled it's new quantum computing chip called "Bristlecone" for researchers - "for research into system error rates and scalability of our qubit technology, as well as applications in quantum simulation, optimization, and machine learning".   How does it work? Quantum computers normally run at super-cold temperatures in the millikelvins and are protected from the environment... Continue Reading →

Google Chrome 65.0.3325.146

Google just updated their Chrome browser to version 65.0.3325.146 and there isn't any changelog yet available on the official announcement Blog. But this will be the first stable v65 build after several Beta builds. According to the source file there is also another build 65.0.3325.147 but I haven't found an official compiled download link for it so... Continue Reading →

Google Song Maker is nice

Google released a new experiment which allows you to quickly create a song with your smartphone, PC or midi-device - it's called 'Song Maker'. The best thing is you can create your own music without any external program or to login into a service, after you're finished creating your song you easily can share it... Continue Reading →

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