Is Google banning ‘uncertified’ devices?

Recently reports telling that Google is banning several devices which are not certificated which means you won't get any apps or updates trough the official Google Play Store - the criticism is here that this might also bans several ROM's from receiving apps and their updates. But is this story really true? Conspiracy theories (yet... Continue Reading →


Google Play Store Deals January 2018 – 50 Games and Apps – Go grab ’em!

Another year and another deal, Google Play Store is doing it again, lots of good apps are for free these days - You need to hurry up to collect 'em all! Games Dinosaur Hunt Survival Pro Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars AceSpeeder3 Mega Cubes 3D Memorize Everything Me 4D Cubez Baketure Finger Snake 8 Bit Retro... Continue Reading →

The Problem with F-Droid

Use F-Droid ... better than Google Play Store because everything is free and the farts smelling better than usually, that's (in a nutshell) how they advertising the F-Droid Store. I call bull! There huge problems with the idea and the app itself, here are the reasons why you should be very careful while using it.... Continue Reading →

Prevent Google Play Store from self-updating

Here is a quick method how you can stop some battery drain on your device by disabling a Google service - which constantly wants update it's own client in the background.   Maybe you installed a cracked Google Play Store version or simply want to reduce the battery drain on your Android device, then this... Continue Reading →

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